Botox, Voluma, Volbella Fillers Vlog + Results + Review

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Hey guys! Today I’ll be touching on a very controversial subject. Some of you might have done some of these beauty treatments/procedures and have no problem talking about it. Some others may think it’s dangerous and/or wrong. I just wanted to start by saying I’m not trying to glamorize or entice you to have something done but rather be upfront about it (not everyone can admit they do it), be informative and help you make a decision on whether this is right for you.

*I was gifted my Volbella Fillers and other treatments by Interface Group all statements are my honest opinions and/or reviews.*

Botox, Voluma, Volbella Fillers Vlog: What It Is Really Like

The video is a vlog of the Botox, Voluma, Volbella fillers I had done as well as an “after treatment” talk. You’ll be able to see what everything looks like after about 4 weeks of having everything done along with a feedback on how I feel about everything!

As you see in the video I’ve been doing botox for about 4 years now on my 11’s (those stubborn wrinkles in between the eyebrows). That’s the strongest “muscle” on our faces and the ones that will age you years right off the bat. I’ve tried it other places such as my forehead and crow’s-feet but I don’t care much for the “frozen” face. Some people love it, so it’s important to know your style and what you’re looking for before heading to your local MedSpa.

I can’t stress enough the importance of looking for a safe place to go to. Be aware of places that nurses/injectors leave the room to “prepare” your injections. Everything should be available for you to see inside your room. Ask questions, don’t ever be afraid of asking, this is your face my friend!

Lastly, if you are in Indy area and you are thinking about trying something or just having a facial or other type of treatment, you may want to take advantage of a discount Interface Group is generously giving to my readers/followers and friends!

Get Botox for $9.75/unit and 20% off any other service such as fillers and/or facials, dermaplaning, etc by mentioning my name or my blog: Karina – Karina Style Diaries. Call today to secure your appointment or just a consultation: 888-299-14-12. 

As always please feel free to ask any questions  on Botox, Voluma and Volbella fillers you might have, if I can’t answer it I’ll find out for you 🙂

I hope this video and blog post gave you a little insight on the world of cosmetic procedures and demystified some of the myths we so often hear about. I also hope you enjoyed just knowing about it 🙂



**Special thanks to Renée Fisher (my friend and favorite makeup artist in Indy) for filming the vlog; Shelly B for being such a doll and welcoming this project as well as being there for us on her Birthday! And Tara, the best injector I’ve ever experienced. Her expertise, patience and care was truly outstanding! So thankful for you ladies 🙂


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  1. HEYYY GORGEOUS!!! LOVE THIS!! I have also been doing it for 4 years. My doctor explained to me that it is preventative. It prevents those darn wrinkles from getting deeper. I am a huge fan.


    • Yes Angelle! And you look amazing my friend, I’m a huge fan of botox and YOU! Hehehe

  2. You look absolutely amazing! I loved this video! I have been wanting to test out Botox for so long but just haven’t had the time to actually go in! Definitely on my to-do list!

    • You are the BEST MUA I’ve ever seen!!!! Wish everyone could experience YOU once in their lives 🙂 Love u amiga!!!!

  3. Karina,

    So glad you shared this! As shelby said, it’s so cool that you’re transparent and sharing this with everyone! I think this is definitely something more and more and more gals are looking into and this is the perfect video to explain options and what to look for! You are so freakin’ beautiful!!!

    “MOOOOMMM” in the background! Lol
    xo Kelli

    • Hahahaha you are the sweetest Kelli!!! So happy you enjoyed the video/post lady!! Thank you so very much for the love, sending you right back!!!!