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You guys know I’m all about healthy choices when it comes to food (although I have been making some shameful choices lately – must confess!!) such choices affect not only the health of our bodies but our hair, skin and nails as well. Like that saying goes “You are what you eat” I believe it 100% . Now some exceptions to this rule are genetics and diseases that are not necessarily related to eating habits, other than that we all need to get our acts together and make better choices! On the other hand though we can simplify the quest for healthy hair with a supplement that will deliver the nutritional components our hair needs the most right into its root! Quite literally 🙂 I’m talking about the newest launch in the health and beauty market: KeraHealth nutraceutical hair care supplement.

KeraHealth hair supplement and foods good for hair featured by popular Indianapolis beauty blogger, Karina Style Diaries



KeraHealth supplements are scientifically proven to stimulate existing follicles to hair growth, significantly reduce hair loss, promote nail growth and hair luminosity and brightness. Personally I have already noticed just after one month of use that I have much less hair fall and I even noticed that my skin is glowing! Most importantly, there are two KeraHealth formulas, one specifically for Women and another for Men  and both are suitable for ALL hair types! Both KeraHealth formulas contain the exclusive ingredient, KerCysteine, which is a pure form of Keratin  (that our hair is basically made of) that the body can absorb up to 95.5% , due to the special technology used at KeraHealth France, to process the keratin – HUGE is you ask me! I filmed a quick video review for you to see what my hair, skin and nails are looking like after a month of taking these babies!!


KeraHealth - stimulate hair growth - karina style diaries - review - KeraHealth hair supplement and foods good for hair featured by popular Indianapolis beauty blogger, Karina Style Diaries


I’m so happy to be able to share with you guys something that can help your hair health and prevent hair loss as well as stimulate hair growth! I know this is a big issue for so many of us (girls and boys) out there. So please check out KeraHealth’s website for more info on the science behind this amazing little pill!! Use this link HERE to get a 10% off your order or use code KARINA10!



*This post was sponsored by KeraHealth. All statements are my own honest review.

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