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Top 5 Statement Spring Pieces

Wide striped pants

We couldn’t be more excited about the arrival of spring. Spring is all about awakening – the awakening of nature, the awakening of ourselves, the awakening of fashion. It’s very difficult to choose the wardrobe essentials for a specific season as the choices tend to be very subjective. For some people, it’s the always popular must-haves, such as the little black dress or a regular white T-shirt that can never go out of fashion and can be worn at all times. Other people, however, include all the popular trends into their essential spring collection – items that are trendy at that very moment. Here, we have a list of the five top statement pieces for spring. Some are popular at the moment and will be in the years to come as well, while some…

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Fellowship Friday: Dressed for Success

I'd love to introduce you to someone I've recently connected with and I can tell you she's been inspiring me to no end. Talking to her on the phone was like talking to my best friend and we never even met! Sonia recently launched her inspirational lifestyle and fashion blog called Onyx & Faith. She is also a jewelry designer and hand-makes all of her jewelry with quality, love, and care (you can find all of her beautiful designs on her blog!). Sonia is married to the love of her life and a mother of the most precious little girl! And guess what?! She's been working as a 2nd grade teacher for the past 10 years (God sent, perhaps?!). But what I love about her however is how she empowers & encourages other women on her blog and…


Emily’s Quest for a Simpler and more Natural Lifestyle

Happy Hump Day amigas!!! Today's post is written by a guest, my most "green, ethical, natural and sustainable" neighbor! Emily is a mom of three little ones and she's passionate about making our environment a better one for our future generations! She urges the whole neighborhood to recycle amongst other good practices and recently started to study and get more involved with essential oils. After listening to Emily share her experiences with the oils I'm eager to share them with you. It is valuable info if you are trying to get rid or diminish the use of harsh chemicals that we expose our bodies on a daily basis! Have fun :) Emily's Quest for a Simpler and more Natural Lifestyle - No one likes to feel self-conscious when out in public, whether it's worrying about…

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Making a Splash Pin Up Style + Giveaway!

Going through Fashion school I had a friend name Danisha, think of a bubbly little lady who giggled pretty much all throughout class and was always jamming to a popular song. That's Danisha, no wonder why I was automatically drawn to seat by her and obviously had endless belly laughs and more often than not it was hard to concentrate in some of the classes we had together. Long story short  Danisha partnered up with another classmate Krista and founded Poppy Seeds - fashions that pop! Danisha is the Owner and Head Designer and Krista was the Assistant Designer and Patternmaker for a while, as of now Danisha runs the company by herself. What I love about her bathing suit brand is the retro style, I feel like the market is saturated with either…


Do the Kind Thing

Hello my most dear friends, in the midst of the season of giving I'd like to share a story I've received the honor to be asked to feature. With Christmas just around the corner, I hope this will warm your hearts as it did mine. This is a special story of two boys, Jeremy and Nick whose projects were voted on the Do the KIND Thing Projects: Each month, KIND supports one project with $10,000. You can Create your project to Do The Kind Thing, or support amazing ideas with a kind act. If you are not familiar with the KIND bars, they are delicious and as they like to say a bar full of healthful tastiness (I love them) these guys believe that a company can do well while doing good and from that…

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Lookbook: Giveaway from the Wild Butterfly Boutique + The Lace Skirt Meets her Plaid Beau!

Hey ladies and gents, I'm so excited to do this post because not only this was a very talked about outfit, it also featured a couple of my favorite jewelry at the moment! I was gifted by the Wild Butterfly Boutique this Love necklace and Arrow ring and I have been wearing them both every single day, either alone or paired up with other pieces this are always with me ;) Outfit Deets: Urban Outfitters lace skirt; Lauren Ralph Lauren plaid shirt; Ann Taylor leather belt; Truth or Dare studded pumps; Wild Butterfly necklace and ring; Stella and Dot bracelets; Ray-Ban Wayfarer. In partnership with the Wild Butterfly Boutique we're running a giveaway! Enter your name in the box and follow both of our pages on Instagram for a chance to win a piece…


My Style Diary: Betina Secchi

   I'm so so glad my sweet Brazilian friend agreed in being a part of my blog by sending us some pictures with her fall picks from her own wardrobe. I met Betina a few months ago in Indy through a friend in common (our "maluquinha" girl Eutemia) and she's just so spontaneous, relaxed and just really happy and full of energy (I mean really!) that we connected right away, it's as if we know each other for years.   Betina is an attorney, who's so much into having fun and playing hard that one couldn't imagine a girl so pretty, funny and witty can also be soooo freaking smart! She's definitely an inspiration to empower women to be true to themselves no matter what, in the end she's a girl's best friend who always…

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