October Breast Cancer Awareness by Kelsey Pardon My French

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Kelsey Pardon My French, breast cancer fighter , featured by top Indianapolis lifestyle blogger and cancer survivor, Karina Style Diaries

As a Breast Cancer survivor (this sounds so weird to say) in recovery, I’m taking some time to share some of the ladies who inspired me and still do on a daily basis. I’m beyond happy to introduce you to Kelsey (Kelsey Pardon My French). She was the first person on social media I reached out to when I knew something was wrong. And later again when I got my diagnosis. It’s interesting how I had been watching her fight against the disease. Her harsh chemo treatments. Her family going through it all via Instagram without the slightest idea I would go through Breast Cancer myself sometime later on. I can’t tell you how helpful and supportive she has been throughout my journey. And how incredibly resourceful she is. All of that with the coolest rocker chick personality! Let me just say she’s the only gal I know that can rock a bald head and still look flipping amazing!!!!

I hope she can be to you (or someone you know) what she is for me. And without further ado here’s a guest post from Kelsey:


October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 18 months ago I was always the person at the grocery store checkout line that would be asked “would you like to donate to ____insert charity for breast cancer awareness month?” and I always said yes. I never really knew where my money was going, but I saw the pink ribbon and I automatically thought my money was going towards a good cause.

Then I got diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatment and the financial burden associated with the cost to fight this disease, I quickly realized just how much money is simply made off the color pink in the month of October. There is not a cure for breast cancer as many marketing campaigns can lead you to believe. Breast cancer is not “the good” cancer to get. It’s not “the pretty” cancer, and it sure as hell isn’t cancer that should be marketed with pretty pink products.

Metastatic breast cancer has no cure right now. Metastatic breast cancer is stage 4 breast cancer, it is cancer that has spread outside of the breast area. Metastatic breast cancer is the only breast cancer that kills. 30% of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, like me, will go on to be diagnosed with metastatic disease. It is a fear that I have to live with even after this last year of killing breast cancer.

As much as I love the awareness that is brought about in the month of October, we need more than just awareness, we need research! We need even more effective treatments so that this is no longer a fear for so many women!

Don’t get me wrong, we need to be talking about breast cancer, but we need to be talking about breast cancer every month. But since October is the dedicated month I just want you to know where your money is going, and how you can actually support organizations that are making a difference!

Just because you see the pink ribbon, does not mean that a company or product is actually supporting or donating. READ THE FINE PRINT!

See all products that really support Breast Cancer Research on Kelsey’s blog: The Blog Pardon My French.

And read about how Kelsey found out about her diagnosis: The Blog Post I’d Never Thought I’d Write.

Click here now to read more on my personal breast cancer journey!

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