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I used to do my nails at home for so long, it’s a Brazilian thing I guess. We learn real early how to do our nails or at least repair them at home before the weekly salon appointment! So quarantine has brought a sweet memory around and today I’ll be showing you how I do my nails at home!!

What you’ll need:

Plus the polishes of your choice. I have a few of my favorites linked below 🙂


If you have dip or gel nails you’ll want to soak them in pure acetone or wrap acetone soaked cotton with foil on each nail after buffing the top layer of your dip/gel. After removing the polish apply cuticle cream or oil and soak nails in warm soapy (or not) water. Push cuticle down and trim them with a cuticle clipper. Buff the nails to make them smooth for the polish.


Once done go ahead and apply another layer of oil to moisturize the nails. If you can wait a few hours or an overnight treatment your nails will thank you! If not no worries just a few minutes are better than nothing 🙂


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of creams and oils before polishing the nails. I’m loving the Olive And June line from LA free of 7 toxic ingredients that are harmful to us. I have THIS KIT that comes with all you need to do your nails and you can customize the colors. I’m also linking here the neutral colors I’m loving as of late!

PS: the color I used on the video and picture is EC from Olive & June!

I hope this post was helpful and answered lots of your questions!!



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