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Hi, friends! A lot of you have noticed that I’ve been switching things up with my hair lately and tons of you have asked for an updated hair styling tutorial. I filmed a tutorial for you guys and saved it on my IG highlights so it will always be there for you to go back and reference! You can watch that here! I’ll give a quick overview below and share my must-have hair styling products and tools. I hope you guys enjoy!

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I’ve been loving a tousled loose wave look for my hair as of late! I like for my locks to look piecey and textured with just the right amount of volume. To achieve this, I start by giving myself a blowout. I use Kérastase Anti-Humidity Spray to dampen my hair a little bit and I use a round brush to brush the hair forward toward my face and blow it out with my Dyson Hair Dryer (worth the hype!). Typically, if I wanted more height at my roots I would blow the hair straight up/back but for this style I want just a little less volume. Watch the video to get a better idea of the technique!

Once my hair is blown out, I start the curling process. Depending on how tight I want my curls, I use a curling iron with a 1 to 2 inch barrel. To get that textured look, I alternate curling small pieces away from my face and toward my face. I make sure not to leave the curling iron on my hair for too long – I don’t want the curls too defined! For the very top layer, I curl all of the pieces away from my face. I just think this looks more flattering! I finish off with my Gisou Hair Oil on my ends and the Oribe Texturing Spray for extra hold and texture!

Must-Have Hair Styling Tools and Products

I hope you guys find this helpful! Let me know if you want a more in-depth hair tutorial!



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