Neutrals for Life!

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I have been crushing hard on neutrals lately, but that’s no news if you happen to follow me on insta . So if you are into them as much as I am this post is for ya 😉

However if you still have doubts I thought I’d let you know the benefits of neutrals (hehehe):

  • They go with everything, therefore they are indeed investment pieces friends!
  • They don’t go out of style, you might get tired of grays, blushes, cognacs and tans eventually but I can promise you they can mix and match with any piece you have in your closet.
  • You can layer them together with one another or they will look crisp when worn monochromaticaly.
  • They work casually or dressy depending on how you put them together…

In other words you can not go wrong with neutrals, am I right??

These Chanel espadrilles have been worn to death and it’s not even spring yet, that gives you a glimpse of how much I love them! THESE are the newest ones for this season and I’m already obssessing over them too!! I’m linking some great choices for the high and low budget too 🙂

The bell sleeve coat is ZARA but sold out, oops! But I’m also linking some options for you ladies. Meantime I’m still looking for the perfect pink trench…

These neutrals are a bit more spring with the blue cardi! Here’s my pics for some great long cardis:

These lace ups are sooo last year but I’m still in love! They are an easy way to dress up your look without wearing heels! Yay 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this post with tons of my latest looks and hope it inspires you to get your neutrals game on…that is if you are not playing it yet!!



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