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When life gets even crazier than the norm crazy we try to set time to catch up with the ladies and do some girl talk. At least that’s what myself and a few friends are trying to do. Jumping on the brunch trend we go! Which btw it works sooooo much better for me now-a-days. Long gone are the happy hours and GNO’s, and I have to say I’m kinda thrilled. You might share the same opinion or you’ll understand when you see the delish gourmet dishes coming up….

We decided to try, and go out for brunch at least once a month. Once it’s in the calendar we will most likely keep the date! For starters we chose Milktooth Indy because it’s the talk of town and ranked by Conde Nast as one of the most famous places to eat around the globe! Yes girl you read it right: GLOBE. Looks like we have a little gem in the heart of Indy, and the food…ah the food…

The kitchen is on the open in a bar style, notice the happy guy on your right…yes right there!

Sometimes my food photos don’t turn out any good and some other times they turn out like this….amazing! Still celebrating this baby 😉

Both Kris and I had the “cranberry walnut & TP caerphilly cheddar grilled cheese” – black truffle honey, local sunny duck egg. Maria had “house pastrami cured salmon on house rye bialy” –whipped cream cheese, fried capers, spinach. And Camila had “roasted broccoli & aged cheddar dutch baby” – beer mustard, pickled fennel, hazelnuts, mustard greens. Fresh OJ is a must as well as one of their pretty lattes/cappuccino!

What you need to know: if you are a foodie this place is right for you; if you don’t mind waiting for a table, go for it; lastly the service is not their best feature. They are cool and awesome, and they know it so they don’t need to give you amazing service. That’s just how we all felt although it did get a bit better as the place got less crowded, but still. Also it helps to know the menu before going there since they weren’t really great at explaining it. Everything sounds very unusual so it also helps to search the net for a few photos. Also, they don’t accommodate modifications on the dish, and that’s that! You might ask me: Is it all worth it? And I’ll say: Heck yeah!

The weather was perfect and we got selfie ready! After all 4 Brazilians getting together for a 4 hour brunch doesn’t happen here in Indy everyday my friends!!

With Virginia Avenue as our backdrop I couldn’t resist and went for some OOTD pics. And obviously wore my fave pieces in my wardrobe right now….I seriously could wear this everyday. And I kinda do…

And I wanted to try something new…

Yay or Nay for shoppable photos?! I’d love your feedback!

Also guys I’m looking forward to exploring Indy brunch scene and will try and incorporate a post like this every month. Let me know your thoughts in wether you think this is helpful or perhaps you would like more info on the restaurant? Do you like outfit pics along with the food stuff?? Shout it out, I’m eager to hear your opinon!!!



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  1. As an Indy girl, I love these posts! Keep brunching ~ it introduces me to new places I haven’t been to before. And I like the mix of restaurant info/pics with outfit pics because it helps me visualize the restaurant’s dress code!

    • Kim I’m so happy to hear it. I’m eager to try out new places and get evryone excited about trying them as well. Also great to know you enjoy the ootd pics with it too. After all thats really what I think I’m good at 😉 Beijos ????