Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My recommendations for fall 2019

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This year I have a different approach than years before when looking at the #NSale. I went in with a plan, made a list of what I need for fall and what I want. And that’s been extremely helpful to keep everything n perspective and not go over budget. I focused mainly on items I have been wanting for a long time and now have the chance to purchase at a discounted price. If you’re feeling overwhelmed like I was, I wanted to give you a little checklist list to help guide you!

Items to consider getting for the new season to come:

  • a great jacket (leather or teddy) I advise you to spend your money on valued pieces that will give your wardrobe longevity. Don’t fall for the trap of purchasing every cute sweater you find because they’re cheap. Sweaters will go on sale sooner than outwear and you’re sure to find so many great deals throughout the season. Focus on the pieces you’ll be wearing all season long!
  • great pair of jeans – consider a new fit you don’t yet have or a staple dark wash skinny that will last you many seasons – again think longevity!
  • a great pair of booties and a tall boot – these are a must. Buying a great pair of leather boots that will last for years to come will definitely be a wise decision (if you need one, of course)
  • a handbag in the color of the season – this item I would get if I really need one. There are a few great bags that are worth your while and staples for many seasons to come.
  • athletic wear (leggings and sporty sneakers) – I hate spending money on athletic wear guys so this is the prime time for me to purchase these goodies for the year knowing I got the best deals!








I’m wearing smalls on most tops, 26 on jeans, 25 on suede skirt, XS on plaid jacket and Leo hoodies

Outfit 1: suede skirt | grey knit | tall boots | white blazer (not a Nordstrom sale item) | cashmere scarf

Outfit 2: suede skirt | paisley tunic | mustard bag (similar) | tall boots

Outfit 3: suede skirt | boxy tan sweater | tall boots | hat | handbag (similar)

Outfit 4: sweater/tunic in brown (also ordered the cream) | tall boots | leather belt | chain leather bag

Outfit 5: Busted knee skinny jeans | boxy tan sweater | Gucci belt | grey ankle booties | grey hat

Outfit 6: busted knee skinny jeans | paisley tunic | grey pointy toe booties | chain belt (use code KARINA TO GET 10% OFF) | crossbody bag

Outfit 7 + 8: Good American Jeans (not on sale) | leo print hoodie | Adidas athletic sneaks | Nike | cropped leggings

I’ll be updating you guys as some things I ordered online arrive. As a disclaimer, I’d love for you to see this

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  1. Love your Nordy pics!!
    It would be great if you could tell us what size you are wearing…. need a refererence!!

    • Hi Lisa! I’m so sorry, I thought I did but clearly the lack of sleep this crazy past week got the best of me! It’s added now 🙂
      Please feel free to ask anything else you need!!