Pre-Christmas Insta Roundup + End of Year Chat with Failures and Successes of 2017!

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This is indeed the craziest busiest time of the month. Wrapping up the year is always hectic. I’ve been trying to not beat myself up so much for committing with SO MANY functions on the same week. Besides my full-time job and last-minute christmas shopping (and trust me we only get ONE present per kid, so no endless amounts of gifts) I have something going on every single evening of this week…talk about being wiped out!

Tonight we’ll go see the girls Christmas Concert, the first one for Sophia. Tomorrow will be my first day volunteering with a ministry I’ve been dreaming of being a part of (more on that to come!). Friday I have an amazing collab on the books that I’m not even the slightest bit ready for. Secret Santa with the school colleagues on Saturday and finally Christmas eve parties on Sunday. But I can’t complain because I’m not sick, like the rest of world seems to be. And I’m glad to have all of this to look forward to, I just wish they were spread out a little bit. Oh well….

My happy news is that Hunny buns gave me a new camera for christmas (a girl couldn’t wait till the actual day…patience is not her forte!) and I’m teaching Bella to take blogger photos (and paying her…yes she wouldn’t do them in exchange for food and shelter). She’s actually pretty good at it with a little tweak here and there, I’m telling ya she might be fully skilled here in a few years and thank her mama’s blog for it! So I decided to do an insta round up just with the pics she took these last couple of days.


Karina style diaries pink fur coat

Piunk Fur coat similar and similar // Jeans similar // Denim Shirt similar // Tennis Shoes similar 

Bag // Beannie // Belt 

I’ve always been a fan of my iPhone photos, still love them. But the power of a good camera is truly unbeatable. Wouldn’t you say so?

Pink fur and pink watch karina Reske

Daniel Wellington Watch // Miranda Frye geometric shape and silver rings (use code “karina and get 10% off) //

Legend Amrapali triangle diamond ring

Ripped knee jeans and fur coat

I’m also re-branding myself to start the new year with fresh new ideas and a different look. I would truly love and appreciate any feedback in regards of colors and styles of photos along of course with things you’d like to see more often.

More videos for 2018 (I know I always say that! Haha) since I have no excuses now with a good camera. No joke guys my older camera lasted me some good 5 years but lately it’s been getting hot and shutting down in the middle of my video tutorials. Picture me with half my face done and having to wait for the camera to cool off or even worse the battery will die mid-charge so I also have to wait for it to re-charge….like really? It’s a total mood killer and it translates to the videos. That’s why I hesitate putting them out there. We should be good from now on however 🙂

Red Jacket // Gray Jeans similar and similar  // Hunter Boots // Belt // Red Lip color: LOVE

Red Parka wityh fur trim

Casual Red lip

Miranda Frye layering necklaces and silver ring

This year was really full of blessings even though it’s hard to see them in the midst of hard times. Brian’s biz was a rocky road of discoveries and lots of ups and downs. I finally understood the meaning of supporting each other in order to be successful and I think both of us were lacking in that aspect. Thankfully we realized it and are working on it. Hey, better late than never, right?! The great thing is that after many talks and prayers we got what we were hoping for, but God has his ways of humbling us for sure and for that, we are also thankful!

As for the blessings on my side…man oh man. I’m still working at the school and still loving it (even though I must admit I wish I had more time to dedicate to the blog). After my dad suffered a major heart-attack in May he has made a full come-back and is no longer holding on to old addictions – thank God. I got to visit my family in Brazil 3 times this year which is pretty unheard of (for me!!). I got to cross-off New York Fashion Week from my bucket list and truly can’t wait to do it again!! See how you can go too HERE.

Western hat and sweater look

Contrast Panel Sweater // Western Style Hat // Western Belt similar // Boots similar


Earthy colors sweater karina style diaries
I partnered with awesome brands and companies and made my first nice profit on the blog. Considering the amount I spend on this it was actually pretty incredible! Most importantly I made such wonderful friends through this business of blogging and that alone was worth the blog journey of 2017.

As a family we got to go skiing in Colorado, Hubs and I spent our 13th anniversary in New Orleans, Bella and I spent a mommy and me few days shooting for a handbag campaign with one of my blogger muses in Chicago, we all went on a quick family vacay to Michigan and finally I went solo to New York in the fall…really what’s there to moan about?? While things are not always as we want them to be, and our expectations of ourselves and others tend to be high we must choose to count our blessings EVERYDAY (this is one of my goals for 2018) we’ll learn to look at the bright side of life more often. And that my friends is a learning process that I hope we all can conquer one day, sooner than later of course!

This is my last post before Christmas guys so I want to THANK YOU for sticking with me! For supporting KSD while I evolve and learn to have better content that can help you somehow. Without you I wouldn’t be here, so thanks for helping making my dreams come true 🙂

Merry Christmas and a 2018 full of wonderful blessings!



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  1. Karina I loved catching up on your life recently! CONGRATS on getting your new camera. Your pictures look amazing and I could use some tips ;). I also loved reading your trip to NYFW. That is a major goals of mine this next year (or so haha) and I could use all the pointers. I love what you are writing about and keep up the good work!


    • Oh girl it’s a work in process! Hehe So glad to know you enjoy the content. You know it’s a challenge to know what everyone is looking for:)
      Thank you so much for being a friend, loved meeting you this year!!!

  2. Such a great year! So happy for you, and happy with your new little photographer! Let me know if she needs another muse! 😉 Thanks for being a great blogger pal this year!


    • Hahaha I will Britt! If she takes a liking for this she’ll be real busy soon 🙂 Thank you for all you do for the indy bloggers and sooo happy you enjoyed the read!! Xx

  3. Sounds like a great year Karina! I am especially impressed by your daughters photography skills, built it employee! LOL! Would love to get together some time in 2018z happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


    • Awww Kelli! Thank you so much friend, I would LOVE to get together soon too!! Let’s put it on the books. Bella’s helping me tremendously and I’m definitely happy w her skills too! Hahaha Merry Christmas for you and yours, I hope 2018 will be an insane amazing year for all of us!!! Beijos,