Varley Review: My Favorite Pieces and What I Think is Worth It

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There’s no denying that the clothing brand Varley has gained major popularity in the past year. I’ve been a fan of the brand since they launched and know that many of you love it just as much as I do.

I have collected so many of their pieces throughout the seasons and find myself reaching for them often. However, I know that it can be intimidating to buy from a brand you’re not familiar with, so I thought I’d put together this Varley review.

While it’s already clear that I’ve been impressed by the brand, this post and my thoughts are of course honest. I can truthfully say that every item I’ve purchased has been made with quality and attention to detail that’s hard to beat.

Plus, all of Varley’s pieces are known to be incredibly comfortable and soft, which I really appreciate. I also love that while a lot of their clothing can be considered loungewear, it still looks elevated and high-end (so you can actually wear it while you’re out and about!)

In addition to cozy staples, Varley also offers a large variety of sweaters, outerwear, puffer jackets, tops, workout wear, and even jumpsuits and dresses. A lot of their clothing is available in neutral shades (which is my go-to) but they also have some unique colorways that look rich and interesting, like coffee and deep hunter green hues.

Whether you’re completely new to the brand or you’re just looking for some closet essentials, this Varley review will help you source some pieces you love.

Varley Review

Shorts and a Sweater Tee

If you’re looking for the easiest warm-weather outfit, this is it. Whether you’re heading out to meet friends or you have a long list of errands to tackle, this look is just downright practical. These high-rise shorts offer the ideal amount of coverage while maintaining a lightweight and breathable feel.

Paired with this boxy knit tee (which is a great piece for transitional weather) and some basic sandals, you’ll look put together without sacrificing comfort. Both of these pieces would be a breeze to mix and match with other closet staples, like pairing the knit top with jeans and the rose colored shorts with a navy t-shirt.

I don’t know about you, but I personally adore items that can be reworn with a variety of pieces in my closet.

Statement-Making Vest

While I’m certainly more of a neutral girlie, I do love to add some unexpected pops of color to my outfits from time to time. There was something about this orange sweater vest that just reeled me in, and I have to say that this look is now one of my favorites from Varley.

The orange and denim duo looks well-balanced, summery, and fun—just what you want for the warm season. They aren’t from Varley, but these jean shorts are the perfect length if you prefer something a bit on the longer side.

Also, I wore heels with this outfit because I wanted something a bit more elevated (a good option for happy hour or a meal out) but any shoes would work. Try flat sandals, white sneakers, or even ballet flats.

Knit Tank Dress

It can be a challenge to dress for a full day and night of activities, whether you’re exploring town, you’re on vacation, or you simply have multiple social obligations. On those days, I couldn’t think of a better piece to reach for than this tank dress, which comes in multiple colors.

Although it’s made with lots of attention to detail (and high quality fabric) this dress is definitely on the lighter side, making it comfy to wear even in the heat. Just slip into some sandals and add a sun hat during the day and then throw on a sweater or cardigan as it starts to cool off.

This knit jacket is almost sold out (fingers crossed for a restock!) but it really does make for the ultimate layering piece.

Varley ribbed sweater tank dress

Matching Set

When you’re stumped on what to wear, my best recommendation is to reach for a matching set. When you have an outfit that inherently “goes together” it can take the guess work out of getting ready.

I’m such a big fan of the golden sand color on this tank and short combo. I also love the cowl neck silhouette on the top (so cozy!) On the bottom, slide into some Birkenstocks or sandals for a simple yet polished look.

Varley cowl neck tank top with matching shorts

Casual Dress

It’s official: This is my new go-to look for spring and summer. Ideal for everyday wear, this sporty t-shirt dress is so easy to slip on, and just as easy to style.

You could pair it with metallic flats (like I did in the photos below) or sandals or white sneakers. Layer on a white jacket when dressing for moody weather, or opt for blue denim if you want to break up the neutral look. The dress comes in a pretty stone color as well as ivory. It’s also available from Evereve.

Comfy Short and Top Set

I wore this short and tank combo during a recent trip to Scottsdale, and it was the perfect warm weather “uniform.” If you’re heading out on a walk, running errands, or want to do something active, like play tennis, this would be a fool-proof outfit choice.

I’ve always been a fan of white and navy, so I love that this look highlights that duo throughout. The high-rise shorts are made with the softest fabric and they hold their shape well throughout the day. I also like how the tank strikes just the right balance between preppy and laid-back.

Accessorize with a chic baseball cap and a half-zip sweater (which looks so cute wrapped around your shoulders.)

Varley loungewear set - shorts and a tank with a sweater over shoulders

Taper Pants and Fitted Tank

I have admittedly been very into the trouser look lately because they’re classic, comfortable, and chic. However, these taper pants are giving even my most beloved trousers a run for their money. They offer a similar look—but dare I say—they are somehow even more cozy.

I’m a big fan of the fit because they’re not too wide yet are roomy enough so they don’t cling to your skin. Also, because the fabric is lightweight, they would work even through the warmer seasons.

Pair them with this fitted rib tank, then tie a cardigan around your shoulders. The result? Vintage meets country club (which is about as timeless as it gets.)

Knit Short Sleeve Dress

Looking for a goes-with-everything dress? This one would work for just about every type of outing, and could also be styled for a variety of seasons since it’s easy to layer. It has a loose fit that still is flattering, and it comes in this white gray color as well as a pretty green.

Also, it’s not from Varley, but this raffia tote bag is one of my most-worn items from spring through summer.

Varley knit dress

Woven Shorts and a Half-Zip

If you need an outfit that makes you look put together while being practical for warm weather, this is it. These shorts are honestly one of my favorite Varley purchases to date because they’re breathable and super stretchy. They make you feel like you’re wearing athleisure yet they provide a much more polished look.

I styled them with this half-zip knit—but it’s running low in stock. Luckily, the brand has lots of options that have a similar vibe, so I’m linking some alternatives below. I personally wanted to dress this outfit up a bit (hence the heels) but you could easily swap them out for sandals or sneakers.

Varley athleisure shorts with a knit half zip tank

Tank Dress

At first glance you might think this tank dress looks very similar to the ribbed knit dress above. While it has the same type of fit, it’s a short sleeve/tank option that’s ideal for summer wear. It also has a side slit, giving it some feminine detail.

The black stitched edging adds a unique touch—and makes it so you could style it with black heels or sandals.

Quilt Jacket and High-Rise Leggings

Let’s be honest, as nice as it is to get dressed up each day, the reality is that sometimes leggings and a half-zip sweater is as fancy as we can get. The good news is that because Varley’s loungewear is made with such high quality, you’ll actually feel like you’re put-together (even if you hit the snooze button three times.)

On busy days that are filled with appointments and errands, this casual look is a great go-to. The half-zip sweater paired with the high-rise leggings make a versatile base that you can plan the rest of your outfit from.

For this particular look, I threw on a reversible quilted jacket and a knit beanie to give things a more “styled” feel. Then, for shoes I went with the ultimate cozy choice: UGGs.

Turtleneck Sweater and a Sherpa Jacket

Dressing for winter weather? On days that are particularly cold, there’s nothing more practical to reach for than a turtleneck sweater. Not only does it cover up the majority of your skin, but it also eliminates the need for a scarf. Also, in my opinion, there’s something about a classic turtleneck that just makes you look more chic.

I’ve wore this outfit on repeat during the winter and I can’t recommend each of these pieces enough. The sherpa jacket really steals the show, but I love the combo of the neutral, cream colors in this look. 

p.s. I’m wearing the same leggings here as I am in the photos above, but Varley has a ton of other options you can browse.

More Varley Pieces I Love

Which Varley piece is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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