Layered Outfits for Winter: How to Stay Warm and Still Look Chic

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While we’re certainly inching our way closer to warmer and longer days, there’s no denying that we’re still in the thick of winter. I’m not sure what the temps are like where you live, but in Indianapolis, they’re pretty chilly.

I was quite humbled by the weather after returning from a quick weekend trip to Florida. Yep, definitely still in the cool season here!

I have no problem admitting that I’m the kind of gal who much prefers the warm weather (and the style that comes along with it.) However, in an effort to embrace the current season we’re in, I thought I’d put together some layered outfits for winter to inspire you.

If you’re feeling a bit “bleh” about your current wardrobe situation, I hope this post offers you simple ways to spruce things up. Bonus: All of these looks prove that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style.

Layered Outfits for Winter

Layered Outfit #1: Denim + Sweater + Trench Coat

I loveeee a good Amazon find, and this button-up sweater (which is under $30!) makes for a great base layer during the winter months. The neutral color means it can pair with so many different looks and it could be easily dressed up or down.

In this case, I layered a basic white cami underneath the cardigan and then slipped into a trench coat as a “shell” or outer layer. If it’s particularly cool where you are, consider adding a chunky scarf and a beanie or a hat.

Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate a little pop of color. I wore my green and white Adidas Samba sneakers with this look and think they bring a fun element to the outfit.

jeans with samba sneakers and a cardigan, coat, wrap scarf, and baseball cap

Layered Outfit #2: Leggings + Pull-Over + Cowboy Boots

You guys know I’m a big fan of Varley and this ultra-cozy sweater has been on repeat lately. To add some extra warmth, I layered with this white tank underneath. It’s thin enough so that you don’t necessarily feel like you’re wearing it, but it definitely keeps you a bit warmer.

Because I wanted a casual and comfy look, I opted for a pair of leggings as my bottoms. I also added leg warmers, which can give your outfit a more styled and feminine feel. Western boots offered an unexpectedly chic finishing touch.

Oh, and if you don’t already have a neutral wool coat, I’d highly recommend snagging one before the season is over. This one looks really similar to mine but it’s more affordable (and it’s currently on sale!)

leggings with cowboy boots, leg warmers, and a sweater and beanie on top

Layered Outfit #3: Sweater Set + Coat + Sneakers

Need a chic day to night look that doesn’t scream “bundled up?” This is it!

Believe it or not, the white sweater set I’m wearing here is another Amazon find (major score, right?) It comes in a handful of colors if you’d rather go with something other than white.

To give this outfit a more polished feel, I added a gray sweater on top. The exact one I’m wearing is unfortunately sold out, but I’ve linked some similar options below.

white sweater set with a gray cardigan and coat on top

Layered Outfit Idea #4: Sweater Set + Coat + Heels

This outfit is super similar to the one above but shows you how you can use this sweater set as your base and then switch up the feel by adding different layers.

I gave things a more formal vibe by swapping out sneakers for a pair of low heels. I adore this particular pair from Sezane. Also, I’m wearing the Jenni Kanye cardigan here but this Amazon find is a great dupe.

And last but not least, I couldn’t neglect to mention this woven tote. It’s affordable, on trend, and can hold a surprising amount of stuff—ideal for busy days!

white sweater set with a cardigan and coat on top

Layered Outfit #5: Tights + Skirt + Tall Boots

Is it just me or does it get really old to wear pants every day in the winter? Sometimes it’s just nice to switch things up. That’s where tights and a skirt come in.

If you’re heading somewhere that requires you to dress up a bit, this is the perfect outfit option. Start with a pair of tights and a black mini skirt, then slip into some knee-high boots (which will offer your legs a lot of warmth.) Then, on top, add a black blazer before tying a cardigan around your shoulders.

The result? Polished and preppy.

black tights with a black mini skirt and a blazer on top

Layered Outfit #6: Sweater Set + Scarf + Beanie

Don’t underestimate how chic a matching sweater set can look—they’re made for so much more than just lounging at home (although that works too.) Adding some layers on top of a knit set can give it a lot more dimension, so next time you leave the house when it’s freezing, be sure to bring along your beanie and scarf.

gray sweater set with a knit beanie and matching scarf
Which layered outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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