7 Tips To Read The Bible In One Year & How to Stick W the New Habit

I’ve been planning to release a video like this one for sooo long! Glad it happened right now, before the end of January so you can start right away and set your year up for success my friend!

In today’s video, I’m explaining how I started reading the Bible, which Bible to purchase, where to start from, and my process to stick with the new habit.

I started my Bible reading journey back in October 2019 and boy how helpful was this little habit through navigating the unprecedented waters of 2020. While most folks were struggling with it all I was being reminded daily that He’s got me! That said, we have good days and bad days but learning how to take the lessons and experiences from the bad days and move on has been a fantastic journey, one I’m delighted to share with you!!

Bible goodies + sweater:

Jewelry and Makeup:

I hope you enjoyed this video and that it was helpful for you!



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