Create Killer Outfits for your Next Vacation

Hello, friends! Today, I wanted to share my online styling session with Nordstrom! I used this service before my trip to Brazil and it was perfect for helping me pick out my NYE look. You can use their styling services for your next vacation, special event, or if you’re just wanting to spruce up your every day wardrobe!

I previously showed you my in-person styling session which you can check out here! I loved the in-person session because I could touch and feel the items and try them on but the online sessions are perfect if you’re pressed for time. The stylist was so helpful and asked a lot of questions to make sure she was sending me items that would work for my event. She also made sure the pieces she recommended were available in my size. It really saved me so much time! The best part of the service is it’s free and there is no pressure to buy! Check out the video to see how fast and easy it was!

My Favorite Picks from my Online Styling Session

I cannot say enough good things about Nordstrom’s styling services! I hope you found this helpful!



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