Pack With Me! Toiletries + Makeup Packing Tips

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I’ve been meaning to post a pack with me a video for a while since you ask so many questions relating to travel packing, it’s finally here!!

These amazon toiletries bags are my favorites, and to be honest I own quite a few different ones but after many travels this year I settled on these three favorites! I hope you find it helpful for your travels!

Skincare Pack

This one is small and mighty! It has two compatments that open individually and I can separate my skincare products but day, night or just simply spead them out in a way that makes sense to me. I usually bring it with me in my carry-on bag.

Body and Hair Toiletry Bag

This is a larger one and great to carry big bottles and accessories for hair, and body.

Amazon White Body & Hair Travel Bags

Makeup Toiletry Bag

I own a few makeup toiletry bags I enjoy but this one has the best look and it’s so roomy. Adding a brush holder (or you can use it as a pencil, lipstick, etc) helped keep things organized!! In the end I loved it and everything stayed together as they should.

Amazon Makeup Toiletry bag

My Luggage

My Delsey Luggages have been my travel companion for years now! I highly recommend them for the durability and great looks!! I just bought a new one and this time around I’ll be using a clear cover that is TSA aproved so the bag won’t be ruined.

Pack with me Delsey Luggage

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