What to Wear in Paris: Your Complete Guide

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I originally put this blog post together after Bella and I went on a mother-daughter trip to Paris. We had the absolute best time together and I am so grateful we got the opportunity to go on that getaway. I’ve been back to the City of Love many times since, and I’m always just as in awe as I was the first time I visited.

Any time I travel there, I always get a ton of questions about what to wear in Paris. While this obviously depends on the season and occasion (are you going for a tourist vibe or have you been several times before?) I thought I would share a little roundup of everything I have worn on recent trips.

If you’re traveling to Europe soon, one main tip I always suggest is that you pack a lot of layers—that way you’re sure to be comfortable in all types of temperatures. Some days get pretty warm and I’m always happy when I have the option to take a jacket/sweater off in order to stay cool. Also, most of the streets are cobblestone or uneven surfaces so I suggest packing comfortable walking shoes as well.

If you want more inspiration on what to pack for Paris, as well as Paris outfit ideas, read on!

What to Wear in Paris

Watch Here: Outfits I Wore in Paris

What to Wear While Shopping in Paris

There are few better activities than shopping in Paris, and even if you’re not a big retail therapy gal, it’s almost like a right of passage. It’s so much fun to walk around and window shop, or to treat yourself to a designer piece you’ve been eyeing.

Before venturing out, it’s crucial that you pick an outfit that’s comfortable enough for all day wear. Shoes are arguably the most make-or-break piece, so be sure to choose wisely. Sandals, sneakers, and flats are all good options (save your heels for a night out/for the times you don’t need to walk much.)

As far as your main layers go, opt for laid-back bottoms, like jeans, a skirt, trousers, or linen shorts. Then have more fun up top with a blazer, cute tank top, or a cardigan. Don’t forget sunglasses, a crossbody bag, and a baseball cap if it’s sunny.

karina wears chanel handbag and white blazer with isabel marant skirt
what to wear while shopping in Paris - sweater tank with black cargo pants and a baseball cap
what to wear while shopping in Paris - jeans, white sneakers, black tank, and a cardigan

What to Wear to Brunch in Paris

Paris might not necessarily be known for its food scene but that doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy. While visiting, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find yourself indulging in a luxurious brunch or two. Bottomless mimosas, cappuccinos, and Belgian waffles sound pretty good, right?

Depending on the restaurant you’re going to, you could either dress up a little bit or go with a casual yet chic vibe. You can’t go wrong with a cute strapless bodysuit and some cargo pants. Another option is a cardigan, wide leg jeans, and a basic tank—timeless and simple.

what to wear to brunch in Paris - a strapless white top with cargo capri pants and slides
what to wear to brunch in Paris - strapless white top
what to wear to brunch in Paris - black wide leg jeans, white sneakers, a white tank top, and a cardigan

What to Wear While Walking Around Paris

Comfort is key when playing tourist for the day—but don’t let that stop you from wearing something elevated. When dressing for summer strolls in Paris, try linen or denim shorts with a tank or tee, or a cute and flowy sun dress. Either option would look good with slides or sneakers.

During cooler seasons, trousers offer a high-end look while remaining cozy enough for a long day. They also transition seamlessly from day to night, so you don’t have to run back to your hotel to change.

I’m sharing several outfit photos and links below—all which would work for everyday wear in Paris.

what to wear while walking around Paris - linen shorts and a sweater tank with sandals
what to wear while walking around Paris - ruffled white dress
what to wear while walking around Paris - ruffled white mini dress with white sneakers
what to wear while walking around Paris - trousers, sneakers, and a graphic t-shirt
what to wear while walking around Paris - trousers and an oversized graphic tee
what to wear while walking around Paris - denim shorts, sandals, a bodysuit, and a blazer
what to wear while walking around Paris - denim shorts and an off the shoulder top

What to Wear to Dinner in Paris

Now is your chance to dress up and have some fun with your outfit selection. I personally love to wear a statement-making dress during a trip to Paris, like a shiny silk slip dress or something with ruffles or tulle. Prefer to stick with more classic pieces? Opt for a midi skirt and turtleneck tank, which will create a timeless vibe.

Either way you go, I’d highly recommend being selective with the heels you wear. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, most of the streets are cobblestone or they’re just generally uneven. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or getting blisters while you’re trying to enjoy a night out. For this reason, I’d really consider investing a bit more in a pair of pumps that are known for comfort.

what to wear in Paris during a night out - leather midi skirt and a white tank top with heels
what to wear in Paris during a night out - silk slip dress
I hope this post helped you figure out what to wear in Paris, regardless of the season or reason you’re visiting. Have more outfit ideas? Let me know what they are in the comment section below!

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