Athleisure Outfit Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Workout Clothes

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If you follow me on Instagram then you likely have seen me post about my workouts. I always look forward to my time in the gym, whether I’m lifting weights or taking a pilates class. I know many of you value exercise as much as I do—and lots of you have just as busy schedules!

Whether you have young kids, an office job, or social activities that keep you occupied throughout the week, there are often times when you have to run straight from a workout to other responsibilities. 

Let’s be real: no one wants to spend their day in their workout clothes. While they certainly can be comfy, they don’t always look polished or elevated on their own. That’s where these athleisure outfit ideas come into play. 

If you’re headed from the gym or a spin class and need to look more put together, these ideas on how to dress up workout clothes are just for you. I’m also sharing a handful of quality workout staples that are sure to be your new go-to pieces.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas

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Leggings + Sweater + Leg Warmers

athleisure outfit idea white leggings with leg warmers and a beige cardigan

I know this might seem like an odd concept at first, but opting for a men’s sweater when styling ahtleisure can offer a comfortable and chic look. Honestly, the women’s section from retailers can be really picked over but I’ve had good luck with shopping in the men’s department.

This strategy is obviously dependent on the piece you’re looking for (aka pants are likely a no) and the store you’re browsing, but one place that I’ve found success with doing this is Lululemon. I recently bought this beige wool-blend sweater and love the way it fits and looks with my workout wear. Just remember to go down a size or two so it fits you properly.

For the rest of this look, I swapped out my running shoes for a simple pair of ballet flats. The exact shoes I’m wearing are very low in stock, but these are a great dupe. The flats offer a softer, more feminine look that would be appropriate to wear for a variety of occasions, whether you have an appointment or you’re grabbing coffee with a friend. 

Also, you may have noticed that I added some leg warmers to this outfit. These add visual interest and some dimension to my look, and they have the added bonus of offering some warmth.

p.s. Wearing a white workout set, like this top and these leggings, is a fool-proof way to make things look more high-end.

beige cardigan lululemon
white leggings lululemon
white leg warmers
beige ballet flats with black strap

Leggings + Tank + Cardigan

athleisure outfit ideas white tank and leggings with gray cardigan and sneakers

Need to look more put together in a quick and effortless way? My signature move is to throw on a button-down cardigan. It might seem like too small of a detail to make an impact, but as you can see in the photo above, it really does take away that “fresh out of the gym” feel and instead offers a laid-back yet pretty look.

You can use any cardigan you have but I’m a big fan of this particular find. Also, when choosing sneakers, go with a pair that looks trendy so you don’t feel underdressed throughout the rest of your day. 

Another tip: Swap out your workout top for a basic white tank. Not only will this provide you with a clean  (aka non-sweaty) slate, but it can also tie your outfit together and make it look more styled. 

white tank lululemon
lululemon leggings
gray cardigan lululemon
white workout sneakers lululemon

The Best Workout Wear

Looking for some workout wear? Here are some pieces that I’m eyeing right now.

Which athleisure outfit idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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