What to Pack for a Ski Trip: Splurge and Save Options

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Hello, friends! I hope you all had a great week! We just got hit with another snowstorm here in Indy and all this snow has me thinking about our family’s upcoming ski trip! We’re so excited to plan and pack for our annual spring skiing during the kid’s spring break. The girls and I traded the slopes for the beach last year, so I’m excited to go back to one of our favorite places ever: Vail, CO. Fun fact: we lived in Vail two different times since getting married back in 2004! Bella was born in the valley and the kids got to do a whole school year there back in 2012. So going back to this very small town in the middle of the Rockies brings back great memories for us! Ok, now let’s chat about what to pack… I have a few outfits linked for you below plus some suggestions for what to take with you on a ski trip!

Amazon Snowsuit Onesie

I am pleasantly surprised by the look of this snowsuit! I think it’s so cute and it is warm. However, I will warn you, there are no pockets which I think is super important to have while skiing! There is only this small belt bag. Also, there was a strange smell to the suit – not stinky, just strange. If you can get past the smell and the very limited storage, the suit is really fun and fashionable! I do love these little UGG dupes! They’re good quality and nice and warm for a fraction of the price!

See these spring coats if you are looking for lighter-weight pieces.

Karina wears amazon silver ski suit onesie with beanie and ski goggles
Karina wears amazon silver ski suit onesie with beanie and ski goggles

Ski Sweater with White Ski Set

Overall, I think this outfit is my favorite! This coat is amazing. It’s super warm and has an inner sleeve that will keep the cold and snow off my arms. It has tons of pockets and compartments that zip so you can keep your ski pass, phone, lip balm, gloves, etc. on you at all times. The pants are also great! You’ll want to size up in the pants to fit your base layers underneath. I LOVE this sweater – it’s so adorable and of great quality but, I’ll warn you, it is pricey! Of course, my favorite parts of this outfit are the Chloé goggles (grab these fast as they’re close to selling out!) and the Chloé moon boots! See other winter boots HERE.

Karina wears chloe moon snow boots and goggles with all white ski set
Karina wears chloe moon snow boots and goggles with all white ski set

All Black Ski Set

These are some really good staple pieces for a ski trip! Both the jacket and pants are great quality and will last a long time! I love the faux shearling jackets for aprés-ski. Oakley goggles are always solid and these snow boots will definitely keep your feet warm. Plus, how fun is this faux fur headband?!

karina wears all black skit outfit northface ski pants and faux fur headband
karina wears all black skit outfit northface ski pants and faux fur headband

What to Pack

Ski Fashion

Most importantly, we want to make sure we’re staying warm and dry while hitting the slopes! You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing lots of layers (your base layer is important!), a waterproof top layer, a good pair of ski socks and a good pair of ski gloves/mittens. In my opinion, the last two items are worth investing in to make sure you stay comfy all day long! You won’t last long at all if your hands or feet get cold and start hurting! You’ll need ski goggles. You can rent these but if you prefer your own, I have some options below!

Apré Ski Fashion

Now for the fun part! While you’ll still want to stay warm after hitting the slopes, we get to have a little more fun and focus on fashion for the after-ski activities. Here are some pieces I’m loving from this season! *Note: Bring sunglasses! People tend to forget these but that sun can be BRIGHT reflecting off the snow! You’ll thank me later 🙂

Beauty Products

This is all about keeping your skin protected and hydrated. You can DEFINITELY get a sun burn on the slopes and the air can be really dry. Keep that skin healthy, friends!

Luggage and Travel

If you’re bringing your own gear (like we are!) you’ll want to make sure you have the proper luggage to carry everything! Here’s what I recommend!

I hope this was helpful for anyone planning a ski trip this season! See you on the mountains!



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