10 Simple Yet Chic Ways to Wear Lug Boots

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Last winter, I feel like I wore lug boots nonstop. They are such a practical go-to during the cold and snowy season, and they just so happen to go with so many closet staples. Another added bonus is that there are a ton of lug boots out there—and they’re available at every price point.

Not only do they keep your feet toasty in spite of harsh weather, but they’re easy to style with a variety of outfits.

In this post, I’m sharing 10 ways to wear lug boots. My hope is that you’ll experiment with a new style that’s as comfy as it is chic.

Also, in case you don’t already have a pair, here are some of my favorite lug boots at the moment (there’s a color that’s perfect for everyone!)

p.s. These are a good “knock-off” of the Bottega Veneta Lug Boots.

Ways to Wear Lug Boots

If you’re on the fence, these easy-to-put-together lug boot outfits will have you hooked. Like I mentioned above, the options for styling them are pretty much endless—something I always consider when adding to my wardrobe.

With Leggings

There really isn’t anything comfier to slip into on a dreary day than a pair of stretchy leggings, a shacket, and lug boots. This look is casual yet would be appropriate to wear while running errands or grabbing coffee. Accessorize with a baseball hat (perfect on non-hair washing days.)

Also, if you want to take this outfit up a notch, consider opting for leather leggings.

ways to wear lug boots

With Jeans and a Sweater

Another easy lug boot outfit idea? A pair of jeans and your sweater of choice. Skinny jeans work best since lug boots tend to hug your calves/ankles but if you have a pair of boots that are looser, you could always go with a standard straight leg jean.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Plaid Blazer

In my opinion, a plaid blazer is a closet essential. It’s comfortable and easy to throw on, yet it provides such a high-end look. Style it with a pair of leather leggings (in tan or black) and your lug boots. You could wear a t-shirt or light sweater underneath the blazer for extra warmth.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Pair of Trousers

When you want to more comfortable than you would be in a pair of jeans but also don’t want to wear leggings, trousers offer an ideal in between option. For this look, I wore a silk blouse and black pants topped with a basic wool coat. The result? A timeless and pulled together outfit.

ways to wear lug boots

With an Oversized Coat

For days that require you to really bundle up, grab your favorite coat to wear over jeans and a long-sleeve shirt or sweater. I personally think an oversized coat (like this teddy one) is best for the cool months since it gives you room to add as many layers as you need.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Puffer Coat

A puffer coat is another no-brainer to throw on during the winter—and it just so happens to look incredibly cute when paired with leggings and lug boots. I love how cozy and practical this outfit is, and appreciate that it doesn’t take much effort to put together (ideal for busy mornings.)

If you’re looking for a similar vibe but don’t need a coat that’s so heavy, you could always try a vest.

ways to wear lug boots

With Faux Leather Shorts

This outfit is definitely best suited for fall weather (wearing shorts during the winter is generally a no unless you live in California!) Don’t feel limited to wearing lug boots with just pants—as you can see, they look really cute with shorts, as well as dresses and skirts.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are another example of something that’s super comfortable yet makes you look and feel like you have your life together. These are great to wear throughout the fall and winter months, as well as into the spring season.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Slip Dress

If you’re heading to a more elevated occasion, switch up your lug boot look by wearing a slip dress. This is a good option for transitional weather, like the moody days between spring and summer. I like that lug boots give this outfit an edgier look than a simple pair of heels or sandals would.

ways to wear lug boots

With a Mini Skirt

Last but certainly not least, play around with a mini skirt and lug boot look. You can add a tweed jacket or blazer on top to make things even more streamlined. Also, adding accessories, like a headband, fun bag, or dangly earrings can go a long way.

ways to wear lug boots

I hope this post gave you some good ideas on how to style lug boots! They are such a versatile piece that are truly worth the investment in my opinion.

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