6 Winter Work Outfits That Will Actually Keep You Warm

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While more people are working from home nowadays, there are still plenty of you who have to (or choose to) go into an office.

Regardless of what field you’re in, getting dressed for work can sometimes feel like a tedious task. Add in the challenge of dressing for winter weather and things only get more tricky.

When considering the best winter work outfit, there are so many factors that come into play. How can you best layer so you’re comfortable getting to the office but not too hot once you’re there? Do you need to wear heels and how can you get away with that when there’s snow on the ground? Which type of coat actually looks chic while still offering enough warmth? The questions could go on and on.

Here, I’m sharing six winter work outfit ideas that are not only practical, but are cute too. All of these pieces can be easily dressed up or down so you can wear them outside of your workplace as well.

Winter Work Outfit Ideas

Sweater + Wide Leg Pants + Wool Coat

There’s no denying that things can feel quite dull and dark during the dead of winter. One way to brighten things up a bit is by wearing crisp white pants, like these pleated trousers. They give off a subtle winter white vibe while still looking spring-ready.

I styled the pants with this long sleeve ribbed top (I’m loving this color right now) and a pair of block heels. If you prefer to wear flats, these are the ideal dupe.

winter work outfits

Turtleneck + Slip Skirt + Wool Coat

A slip skirt offers a seamless way to switch up your winter workwear. Opt for one that’s on the longer side to get the most coverage (aka warmth) from this look.

Here, I paired a basic black skirt with this padded-shoulder top. If you need to go with a long sleeve top instead, a turtleneck, blouse, or sweater would all work. Just layer a wool coat on top and finish things off with a pair of black pumps—you’ll be ready to go straight from work to happy hour.

winter work outfits

Suede Pants + Turtleneck + Coat

Let’s be honest, wearing trousers every day can get old. That’s where suede pants come into play.

These are the exact pants I’m wearing, but these knit leggings also look like a good option. If you go with leggings, just be sure to pick a pair that look quality and that are made with thicker fabric—this will ensure that they aren’t see through. Also, wearing an oversized turtleneck or sweater that’s long in the back is a simple way to make this outfit more elevated.

Even leather leggings can have a professional feel, so don’t be afraid to test out a few different looks.

winter work outfits

Sweater Dress + Heels + Coat

Good news: the days of transitional weather are just around the corner, which means there will be more and more opportunity for you to shed some layers and reach for your beloved dresses.

I wear sweater dresses quite often when the temperature isn’t too chilly—they’re easy to throw on and can be styled with so many different pieces. Plus, if you find the right sweater dress (like one made with wool or cashmere or one with thick, long sleeves) they can be surprisingly warm. Wearing tights underneath is another option.

winter work outfits

Sweater + Trousers + Trench Coat

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Grab some black slacks and a striped sweater to wear as your base layers, then top it off with a classic trench coat and some Mary Jane style pumps.

The sweater I’m wearing below has very limited stock left, but this one and this one (which has a turtleneck!) are similar.

Also, it’s worth noting that now is the perfect time to invest in a trench coat. While we might still be in the thick of winter, warmer spring days will be here before you know it. A trench coat is such a pretty piece to incorporate into your outfits during this transitional time—it’s lightweight yet warm enough to get you from your car to your desk!

winter work outfits

Cardigan + Trousers + Heels

This button-up cardigan and these beige pants are two of my most-worn pieces. I styled them together and love the simple yet sophisticated end result.

I always think it’s smart to invest in some quality staples that you’ll wear from season to season. Both of these could be paired with other closet essentials throughout different times of the year (the trousers with a tank and the cardigan with a skirt, for example.)

winter work outfits
Which winter work outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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