3 Fun + Fierce Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress

I was looking through Jockey’s website for this month’s round of collaboration and saw this sweater dress (or tunic whoever you prefer to call it!) and automatically had a tough of putting it together with my skimmies for a cool 90’s street style vibe. Once the sweater arrived along with other great pieces, I got to work!

It wasn’t until I was about to leave to shoot that particular look that I had the brilliant idea (excuse my excitement) to wear the sweater tunic as a dress. That just got the creative bug that lives inside of me all excited and I couldn’t stop pulling accessories and looks together! But for the purposes of this post, I decided to keep it short and sweet, so I selected my favorites to share with you. Here are 3 ideas to wear the sweater dress (that comes in 4 colors and is on a temporary – sale $19). I hope you can find a style that suits you or if you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy all 3 of them!

  1. Wear the sweater as a sweater, duh! The sweater dress is blanket soft and perfect for transition weather. Features a notched collar, ribbed bottom and cuffs, and a longer, mid-thigh length. I tucked in my into my skimmies that actually have been playing biker shorts on a few looks. The only tip is to wear with something longer to cover your bun bun!! It’s a bit see-through since it’s meant to be an undergarment to smooth lines 🙂 Hey, I’m all about multitasking with my wardrobe too!
Karina Style Diaries wearing biker shorts sweater tunic white dad sneakers chloe faye crossbody cognac bag

Shop sweater dress loungewear look:

I love how sporty this look is, super comfy to travel, run errands, work from a home office or hang out with friends and family! Not to mention I’m feeling like a young and cool 90’s chick (humm I was one tho! Haha)

2. Be a badass, if you’re not…well pretend to be! I could say it’s my favorite but I would be lying because I couldn’t pick a fave from these guys…there’s a reason they’ve made it here!! Just add a little bling and dress up the perfect canvas that is this sweater.

Karina Style Diaries wearing Jockey sweater dress western metal mesh belt and ankle booties ideas to wear a sweater dress

I wore my black skimmies under the sweater dress to be on the safe side, but here are a few other pieces I’d recommend to wear ( I love the caramel one and all of Jockey’s bralettes!)

Karina Style Diaries wearing Jockey sweater dress western metal mesh belt and ankle booties ideas to wear a sweater dress

3. Still wearing the sweater dress as a dress but with more modest accessories. Tall boots and a thinner belt. I’d add a denim jacket to tone the look down a bit or add layering necklaces to dress it up!

Karina Style Diaries gives 3 ideas to wear a sweater dress gucci belt tall suede boots long necklace sunglasses chic ways to wear a sweater dress

You can also use discount code AUGUST20 in all of your purchases at Jockey.com. Special thanks to Jockey for being such an incredible partner and sponsoring this post! All opinions and creative direction are honest and personal.

Which one is your favorite?