And the Oscar goes to…

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Regardless of who wins (I am rooting for Hidden Figures all the way) I am sure this Oscar party will be very political (rotting for that too) and obviously with lots of parties to attend (in my case, a very casual girl night!). And because I like to pretend I live in La La Land I have filmed an Oscar party look for ya, straight from the corn fields friends so we can ALL got to La La Land together…ok I’m not sure this joke worked, hopefully it makes sense!!!

Here’s my last minute – literally- makeup tutorial/Get Ready with Me. Hope you enjoy and wear it for going out tonight or sometime soon!!!

I really hope you enjoyed this quick last minute video, I just wanted to surprise you on the Oscar night 🙂



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  1. I am just about to get ready for an Oscar party in our neighborhood, and I found your video. So fun and informative. I’m always unsure about concealer, so it was great to see your application. Thanks! (Have been reading your blog for a few months.)

    • Hi There,
      Thank you for you comment!! It really made my day to know someone benefited from this video, I just have a HUGE smile on!!! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do on the blog that will help you in any way!! ❤️