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It’s that time of the week again, time to talk beauty! I have to confess that beauty routines in the summer season can be tricky and sometimes pretty messy. Especially if you are in the heat of the midwest which is not a dry heat (that I so love) but instead a wet and yucky kinda heat.

Ok, I’m giving you lots of visuals but don’t go away yet!!!!! This week’s video is one that I hope will help you layer the foundation to a healthy satin face and keep that stubborn shine away from your pretty face! Keep in mind my skin is combination so you might want to switch products up depending on your needs. I’ve been testing out this routine for a few weeks now and can tell you it’s working really well, so let’s get to it!

**HUGE TIP** for oily face girls!!! I’ve recently learned this but didn’t use it on my video because like I mentioned I’m a combination type and this trick is very specific for overall shiny skin ladies: apply a very thin “barely there” layer of translucent powder right after your primer and then go on with your liquid foundation (it can be oil free or not, up to you) then again apply a more generous layer of the same translucent powder. AH-MAZING I swear by this trick, just try! The translucent I’ve been using is colored but you can use a white or transparent.

Do you have any summer tips to keep your makeup fresh and non-oily all day? Share with us on the comments below!



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