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Hi friends, I’m so excited our bathroom makeover is finally done! This was one of our “quarantine” projects, more or less accidental. We replaced our floors in our main level which included this small bathroom and decided we just needed to update it. Hence the before pics…no explanation needed I know! Ha!!

We had a limited budget and did it all ourselves with friends involved!


Hunny buns built our home in the ’90s and everything was original. Sink, faucet, toilette, and vinyl floors. The paint was fresh and we updated the mirror and light fixture a few years ago. Not enough to sustain that “facelift” feeling so I stopped trying!

bathroom makeover before


The whole black and white idea started with the delicate Herringbone wallpaper I got from Livette’s Wallpapers. It’s not too hard to DIY but I recommend having someone over who knows what they’re doing. I had my friend Camila from My Rustic Modern Living help and that was huge. The whole process was seamless but she had installed quite a few prior so keep that in mind 🙂

Black and White Bathroom Makeover


I wanted a different sink but stayed with a classic vanity with a marble top since we did need the storage. It came with brushed nickel handles that we switched to matte black ones to go along with the overall theme.

Toilet Area

We ended up switching out the toilet for a newer one and love the water-saving features of this one! I picked up a tall black vase and added these dry cattail bunch (on clearance now!) to fill in that little corner. We used to have a toilet paper holder on the wall and felt like the pedestal one is more practical!


I have to confess I have a love and hate relationship with shelves, I think they’re pretty but there’s a tendency to fill them with “stuff” and I’m not crazy about so much stuff!! That’s why it took me months to decide what I wanted on this guy and I went for a super simple and clean decor.

A little plant is always welcome in my house, they clean the air (much needed in a bathroom) and add a little life to any room. I picked up a candle and matches, a little vase with a few bunny tails from the sink vase, and a marble picture frame I still haven’t decided what to add to…

Bathroom makeover Livette's Herringbone wallpaper marble shelf black metal brackets bottle of matches marble picture frame

The whole project costed less than $2000. I know it sounds like a lot but the vanity and toilet alone were around 1.5K and it required assembly. So if you can save on these you’re looking into a super budget friendly makeover!

I hope you guys enjoyed the bathroom makeover and were able to get a few ideas!!



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