Lake House Porch Reveal + Decor Ideas

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Hi friends, I’m so excited to finally have our porch reveal and hopefully give you some decor ideas! I’m still shopping for a couple of very specific wall decor pieces but don’t want to wait because I realize this is always a work in progress! Plus I want you to be able to take advantage of amazing outdoor furniture sales happening right now 🙂

Some of our furniture is a few years old while a couple of others are newer and some pieces brand new, I’m trying my best to link the exact ones but whatever is not available I’ll be linking similars. I hope this is enough to inspire you.

Re-Vamp the old

Lake House Porch Home Decor ideas

I love our wicker set but hated our cushions. I’m assuming a lot of us are there. So I got an estimate to re-upholster our cushions and it was INSANE! We could buy a brand new set for that price, so get busy and start searching for cushions you love! We went through a set before finding “the perfect ones”.

I came across our “perfect” set at Target and was thrilled…until I realized they didn’t have three back cushions.

Lake House Porch Home Decor ideas white wicker couch

Regardless, I brought them home and while fixing the place I saw this cutest boho throw pillow we had that went perfect as an accent pillow (totally looks like it was placed in there on purpose, right?!) What I’m saying is (tip): GET CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN! I ended up loving the couch this way even more than if we had all matching pillows.

Another tip: get throw pillowcases instead of whole pillows, I finally learned that after having to dispose of so many pillows because I didn’t like their style any longer, or even worst because they got dirty and couldn’t wash them 🙁

Rattan Chairs – conversation set

The rattan chairs are an Ikea find but similar styles are available all over the place, they’re pretty trendy right now! That said, I went for a girly boho decor in this room. TIP: The colorful pillows and accent decor makes the porch a happy hangout place even on rainy days! Besides being super cozy.

Porch Home Decor Lake House

Corner Chair

I love styling the corner with a statement piece of furniture. It could be a rocking, egg, hanging, or any kind of cool chair!

TIP: Since we couldn’t find matching cushions for this piece I went for cute colorful throw pillows, sheepskin and blankets to enhance it!

Porch decor ideas whicker rocking chair boho decor

Coffee Table

I went for a skinny marble and wood table so we could have lots of space to walk around, and added side tables around chairs for drinks, books and such. A round one would look lovely as well.

coffee table book decor ideas sunroom


I love using baskets to store blankets and pillows! This one is a huge one painted white on the top half.

rattan chair outdoor furniture

Decor Deets

TIP: The details make all the difference, in my opinion, there is a sequence of photos filled with details to spark up your inspiration!

Can’t have enough pampas grass and dry leaves in the house. They are so pretty and simple. Loving the light oak accents mixed with dark wood and marble as well.

Porch home decor pampas grass oak vase side table
Boho decor ideas for porch
Porch home decor marble table


We have a storage basket for towels, sunscreen, and goggles. I also keep our MacKenzie-Childs outdoor entertainment goodies handy this time of the year. During the winter I just store them in a closet.

I struggle with this little corner and will have an update soon. As I said, I don’t want to wait till it’s all perf. Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂



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