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My week started with a very happy brunch MacKenzie-Childs style! The sun was pouring into the windows and I couldn’t be happier to have a few friends over to celebrate life and friendships (aka total excuse to get together and eat yummy food!!!) in a chilly morning in Indy. I’ve been wanting to put together a meal using my favorite pieces from Mackenzie-Childs for a while now and I just kept waiting for all of my goods to arrive and thinking maybe I need this or that. But after going for it I realized MacKenzie-Childs is really what they say it is. They’re about mixing, matching and HAVING FUN! Their statement pieces really flow beautifully within their own collections as well as with things we already have at home!

MacKenzie-Childs Brunch

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch

I mixed 3 different collections for this table setup. The Courtly Check is my favorite bold pattern (as you may be able to tell. They also come in blue and cream patterns), I played with the creamy florals of the Flower Market collection (which comes in black and green as well) and finally what ties everything together, the Sweetbriar collection, handmade and hand-glazed terra cotta, made in the MacKenzie-Childs Farm in Aurora, NY. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of mixing two really bold patterns and white pieces full of darling details. The fun factor about MacKenzie-Childs is that nothing is ever too much in their world. And the beauty of it is, nothing is too little either!

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch


Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch

STYLING TIP:  Most of the time I have 3-4 of their pieces spread around the house and they really pop. Sometimes that’s all you want, just a simple, pop of fun. At other times you want to put on a show and they fit that bill perfectly as well! Bottom line is that you can never go wrong with any of these gorgeous pieces. Whether you’re looking for one single statement piece to bring your home to life or for the most intricate tableware, it’s a sure thing you’ll leave an impression!

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch


If you’re not familiar with the brand, I went to the MacKenzie-Childs camp last year and wrote a post with lots of fun facts and pictures of everything we saw, touched and experienced. This brand is a family, they love and take pride in what they do. Some of the pieces are still made and hand painted in-house. In the cutest quaint town of Aurora, New York! See the full post HERE.

Now, if you would excuse my talking in blogger language, everything MacKenzie-Childs is extremely instagramable and picture perfect. So be ready to have your friends wanting to snap pics during brunch/lunch/dinner!

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch

Shop centerpieces or pieces you can style in your kitchen every day:

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch

STYLING TIP #2: I use the saucer as a little plant dish for my tiny vases around the house. They add so much interest on an otherwise ordinary little vase. The cups can be used as a salsa and queso cup for a party or a fun pen holder for your office.

Karina Style Diaries - MacKenzie-Childs Tablewear Brunch

Shop teacups and saucers:

MacKenzie-Childs courtly check coffee cup | home decor tips | saucer vase holder | plant decor | Karina Style Diaries

MacKenzie-Childs courtly check coffee cup | home decor tips | fun cup pen holder | Karina Style Diaries

Confession time: I must confess I was feeling insecure about how these gorgeous bold pieces would translate in my crazy loud colored walls, rustic and somewhat dated dining room. And even entertained the idea of throwing this brunch at a friend’s house. The only thing that stopped me from doing so was the thought of transporting these dishes and running the risk of breaking/losing something on the way. And a little feeling deep inside that told me I need to work with what I have. This is my home, my less than perfect home that I truly adore. The place I live with my loved ones, the place I’m trying to make picture perfect and falling short.

It just hit me, how blessed we are with our space, we actually have a space and that’s a huge blessing alone. How different my home is from anyone else’s out there. Like for real!!! I had this sudden realization that I don’t need to fit in, nor I want to. No one does 🙂 And while there are sooo many updates needed (do I hear all the homeowners out there?!), owning a home is a constant work in progress, I’m learning to love the process and accept changes as they happen slowly. And learning to be grateful for the less than perfect things 🙂

Ok, I needed to get that out of my chest! Thanks for hearing me out.

Now, if you’re looking to make your meals remarkable, or just simple and chic, you’ll find everything you need at MacKenzie-Childs. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about everything!

*This post was sponsored by MacKenzie-Childs, all opinions, photos, and pieces are my own.

PS: I get questions daily about my office and that’s a room I’ve been working on for the past year, as I said, slow and steady. And it’s to a point I’m comfortable blogging about! There are lots of budget-friendly options and I’m sure you’ll find some inspo!



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