Beauty Bag for Traveling – video with makeup + reviews

Ladies I often try to edit my suitcase and toiletry bag when traveling. In fact my dream is to be able to fit everything in a carry-on bag and little by little I’m getting there. I used to be that girl that flew with a ton of bags and wouldn’t wear half of the stuff…such a waste of space and let’s be honest with the airline companies charging extra for check-in bags who wants to go there!! Absolutely no judgement if you do 😉

One day perhaps when I master the skill of editing clothes/shoes and bags I shall film a video for you on that, meantime I’m sticking with the beauty bag which is a huge progress, don’t you think??! So here goes a quick vid on what I brought along on my latest vacay and how I multi task using less brushes and products for different purposes!

And finally to celebrate summer and how great it’s been so far I’m throwing a giveaway with some of my latest favorite summer goodies in the beauty department!! All you have to do is enter for a chance to win all of this:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**The only mandatory request is that you drop me a comment telling me your beauty essential for summer! Good luck guys 🙂