How I got rid of Melasma

First and foremost if you struggle with Melasma, you know it totally sucks. I hear you! I’ve been testing multiple products and treatments for the past few months and I’m excited to share with you how I got rid of melasma on my face. I’m also talking about how you can prevent/minimize these stinkers from showing back up.

Melasma seems to be triggered by hormonal change (pregnancy, birth control pills stress etc) it’s commonly known as “pregnancy mask”. I started developing mine after taking birth control pills and it sort of happened overnight (it was an awful realization!). After months of reading and trying to find videos on youtube I decided to make an appointment with my dermatologist and that’s really when things started changing. Little did I know that I could’ve been preventing and minimizing melasma all along….watch on to see my whole treatment!


Un-wrinkle peel pads ( I’m obsessed with these) // Max Complexion Correction Pads (this is new, on my list to try!)

Physical sunscreen and melasma products - How I got rid of Melasma featured by popular Indianapolis lifestyle blogger, Karina Style DiariesShop the products to get rid of melasma :

Ladies, this is such an issue for the ones who suffer with melasma. Don’t delay your care. Here’s a summary of the video:

  • Talk to your doctor about what type of prescription is recommended for you. (Hydroquinone 4% plus a retinoid with a steroid – to diminish irritation- was my choice) I went with Tri-Luma
  • Use sunscreen diligently and re-apply often ( I have an awesome tip in the video for this!!). Go for physical protection. HERE is a good article explaining the differences in chemical vs. physical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen aka sunblock is what you want to put on your face since any light that penetrates the skin will bring the melasma back up to the surface.
  • Wear a hat, visor or cap while exposed to the sun (beach, kids games, concerts, etc) even in the winter months.
  • Use a daily vitamin C or brightening serum/skincare system.
  • Make use of glycolic acid peels. They exfoliate the skin gently and keep the dead cells out so your skincare and treatment work at it’s full potency.
  • Stress has been linked to facial pigmentation so managing stress with proper sleep, exercise and drinking lots of water shall help keep it at bay. If nothing else, it’s good for you!

I’ve read and tried a few natural and homemade recipes (such as rubbing lemon on the spot, since Vitamin C is a natural brightener) to be honest I didn’t see any visible results. I know some people swear about it so I think it’s worth a try!

Some good examples of Physical sunscreens are Dr.Jart 

PS: this is my own observation and some of my doctor’s recommendations for these products and treatments guys. This is not endorsed by a doctor, neither by any of the brands, I’m recommending here. But solely my own experience!

I truly hope this melasma post will reach the right people (feel free to share with a friend/family member who struggles with melasma or pigmentation of the skin) and give back their confidence. This condition is NO fun and I can totally relate to you. I’m actually getting ready to go to a beach vacay for the first time after doing my treatment and am anxious/scared to see what happens. One thing is for sure, you won’t see me baking my face like I used to any longer 🙂

Send me your questions and/or concerns. I’ll do my best to answer them and if I can’t I’ll put it on my list for my doc!