Five Tips to Start a Fitness Routine Successfully in 2020!

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The start of a fitness routine can be fun and motivating for some folks or a total drag for others. But there is one thing we all have in common and we should use it to our advantage: MUSIC! In the hopes to inspire you to move I’ve put together a playlist with songs I love and never fail to get me in the mood to work out. Even if that workout means cleaning the house and dancing my but off with my broom in the middle of my living room (which happens quite often!)

5 Tips to start a successful fitness routine

Just like with everything in life maintaining a steady and consistent routine is what will bring you success. Keep in mind success will look different for all of us. For me, fitting into my favorite jeans and feeling good about it is already a success. But so much more than that is my health, my energy, my enthusiasm about life and that glow that only comes after a sweat sesh that keeps me going back to my mat! 

5 Tips to start a successful fitness routine


  1. Decide how bad do you want to get active, to look and feel your best. Is it a health issue you want to improve? Is it being able to play with your kiddos at ease? Is it to get a great body before or after babies? Call it, and write it down!
  2. Come up with a game plan. Look at your schedule and see what time you can squeeze a workout. Even if you have 30 min (everyone has 30 min, don’t come up with an excuse), you can do something from home with minimal to no equipment required.
  3. Try out studios, gyms, home workout programs and find what you like. It can be a combination of things and you can do them in different days of the week. I workout 3x a week with a combination of weight lifting, yoga and a full-body workout at home.
  4. Once you made the decision, eliminate the negotiation process. Your decision is not up for negotiation. But since life happens, we get sick or things come up, decide right then that if you miss a sesh you’ll make it up: when and where!
  5. Stick to your routine like glue. At least for the first month. Establishing a routine requires a ton of discipline and the first 4-6 weeks are so important.
Karina Style Diaries home workout

Nowadays there are so many options for workouts available. I love the energy of a group class and how it makes me push myself to my limits. Yoga is my moving meditation. I like a challenging Vinyasa flow and Original Yoga are my favorites to work on my focus, balance and clear mind.

Last but not least is my home workouts. I try to film them weekly and post on my Instagram stories HERE. Make sure to check it out if you want to try them! I like having a variety of weights and small equipment to keep things fun and not boring but you can start with nothing and just use your own bodyweight!

Now, I hate cardio but I love dancing. So I always add a section for dancing in my playlist and bust out the moves in between lifting! ALWAYS FUN!!!

Karina Style Diaries home workout

I hope I was able to give you enough inspo to make 2020 the decade of your best self! “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” — Woody Allen.



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