Microblading Eyebrows – Video – Before & After Photos

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This much-anticipated post is finally here! I got so many questions when I posted my microblading experience at the Lash & Brow Design Co on my insta stories , but I wanted to wait until I had the video feature with live content besides pictures for you to see and learn about the whole process of microblading eyebrows. As a bonus feature, I’ll show you my lash lifting and tinting experience also.

What’s Microblading? It’s a semi-permanent makeup that allows for a correction or full reconstruction of the brows by emulating the stroke of hairs. Brows look full and natural, unlike tattoos. It’s important however to do your research when looking for a professional in your area. As the industry grows a lot of places start to offer these services. Make sure you have live testimonials and see before and after pictures. If you have a weird vibe don’t do it, it’s your face after all!!!!

The differential about Kate’s procedure is that she draws them on and uses a computer program to make sure both sides are even. Lash & Brow Design Co salon is spotless and I felt confident and well taken care of from the moment I set foot at the door!

Check out a bit of Kate’s bio and how everything went down:

Here are some of my favorite eyebrow and mascara products that will take your face to the next level!

As a makeup artist myself I can tell you I’ve always been obsessed with good eyebrows. I promise you a good brow design can take you so far! And as a bonus for you, I partnered with Lash & Brown Design Co. to give one lucky winner a microblading experience plus a full set of lashes. To enter you must follow both myself @karinastylediaries and Lash & Brow on Instagram. Check out my last photo for all the deets by clicking HERE!

Hope you enjoyed the process, let us know if you have questions!!




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