Gucci Beauty & Luxury Gift Ideas

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When I got my hands into these Gucci beauty goodies I knew I had to share them on a blog post! The packaging is luxurious and perfect to gift the ladies who enjoy a little fancy touch. The product is equally beautiful, top quality, beautiful smell, long-lasting, and natural finish.

I’m also sharing a luxury gift guide with pieces I love and some I own myself (others that are on my Christmas list) to give you some ideas.

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I’ve been trying the products for a few weeks and have a few pointers. The lipstick is marketed as long-lasting, however, in my experience, they do last when applied on top of a lip pencil. My favorite color is The Painted Veil and Mildred Rosewood.

The mascara is perfect as a natural finish, lifts and elongates the lashes picking up every little hair in between.

Gucci Beauty, gucci bucket bag, gucci lipsticks, Gucci gel gloss review, beauty gift ideas

Finally the gel gloss, one of my favorite products. The gel gloss is a limited-edition covetable gloss for eyes, lips, and cheeks! It delivers a veil of transparent illumination, basically a glow that appears to come from within your skin.

When applied to lips it’s a gorgeous ultra-shiny gloss, on cheeks it can be mixed with cream blushes for a youthful look and on the eye area, it helps to disguise fine lines by giving the impression of extra moisturized skin!

I put together a little luxury gift guide because you guys know I love a good designer purchase, however, I LOVE even more mixing in my H&M, Zara, Target, and Walmart finds in between!! These are pieces I believe make a statement and are classics that will last you more than a season or two!

Luxury Gift guide

I hope you guys enjoyed and I’m planning on a fuller review of these Gucci beauty goodies on YouTube! Let me know if you have specific questions that I can answer on the video review 🙂



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