My Honest Gucci Blush Review (Plus, the Best Gucci Makeup Products)

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I’m always on the lookout for high-quality makeup that offers good coverage, a natural look, and that’s infused with skincare benefits. That’s where Gucci Beauty comes in.

I’ve been a fan of Gucci Beauty for years, and as time passes, I realize I have more and more of their products in my rotation. I’m a big fan of their makeup and have consistently been impressed by the quality and care that goes into making each product.

When testing out new makeup, I always look for products that are easy to apply, hold up well throughout the day, and that compliment my natural features. Unsurprisingly, Gucci makeup meets that criteria time and time again.

Here, I’m sharing my honest Gucci Blush review, which is one of the brand’s most popular products. I’m also rounding up a handful of the best Gucci makeup products, so that you can spruce up your overall routine.

Gucci Blush Review

Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush

First things first: The packaging and pretty design of this blush reeled me in from the start. It’s something that you would actually want to set out on your countertop.

The formula of this blush is beyond stellar. It’s silky smooth and adheres to your skin so naturally. Another major perk is that it looks just as fresh and vibrant at the end of the day as it does when you first apply it — which is a hard thing to find in most blushes.

I also love that this blush has a slight sheen to it but isn’t sparkly. This makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear. It’s also very blendable and lasts a long time since a little bit goes a long way.

In my opinion, this Gucci Blush is fully worth the hype. It does have a slightly higher price point than most blush options on the market, but because it lasts so long and holds up so well throughout the day, I think it’s worth the splurge.

Also, it comes in so many color options so there’s a good match for just about everyone.

gucci blush review

The Best Gucci Makeup Products

gucci blush review

Gucci Concentré de Beauté Concealer

I was recently introduced to this Gucci concealer and I’m sooo glad I was able to test it out. I honestly can’t imagine my makeup routine without it now.

It’s multi-use, crease proof, and deeply hydrating — three wins in my book. If you’re looking for long-wearing coverage that’s buildable, I promise that this is going to be your new holy grail.

This concealer not only brightens my complexion and hides dark spots, but it’s also packed with ingredients like black rose oil and hyaluronic acid which work to moisturize your skin.

For reference, I wear shade 34N, which is ideal for medium skin tones. I apply it generously all over my face. The formula works wonders under your eyes but also looks great elsewhere to cover melasma spots naturally and seamlessly.

gucci blush review

Watch: My Gucci Concentré de Beauté Concealer Routine

Gucci Multipurpose Hydrating and Nourishing Balm

This multipurpose balm is another product I make sure I always have in my makeup bag. You can use it on your lips, cuticles, and anywhere on your skin, like the apples of your cheeks or around your nose (which can get extra dry during the fall and winter season!)

It’s made with shea butter and jojoba and castor oil, which work together to nourish dry, cracked skin while smoothing and calming it down in the process. You can incorporate this into your skincare routine by applying it before makeup, after makeup, or at any point throughout the day. It’s perfect to throw in your purse so you can use it whenever you need a little refresh.

gucci blush review

Gucci Brume de Beauté Beauty Mist

I feel like beauty mists were all the rage a few years ago, but honestly, they never really “went” anywhere. I have always enjoyed having a good beauty mist in my routine because they leave your skin feeling so dewy and hydrated.

You can use this mist to prep your skin before applying makeup, to set your makeup, or just to freshen up your look throughout the day. It’s light, soothing, and has protective benefits (thanks to its antioxidant-packed ingredients).

Something else I adore about this beauty mist is that it smells so luxurious. Spritzing it onto your skin just feels like an indulgence — what we all need during long and busy days.

gucci blush review

Gucci Sheer Lipstick

I have been obsessed with the Gucci Sheer Lipstick for years now. My favorite colors are The Painted Veil and Mildred Rosewood — both would look so pretty throughout the fall and winter.

You could certainly wear this lipstick on its own for a pop of color, but I like to use it along with lip liner. I have found it to be fairly smudge-proof and actually feel like my lips are softer after I wear it.

gucci blush review

Gucci L’Obscur Lengthening Mascara

Mascara is one beauty product that is so highly individualized. The type of mascara that’s best for you will depend on what type of look you’re going for as well as what type of lashes you have.

Personally, I have found this Gucci Lengthening Mascara to be a fool-proof addition to my makeup routine. I’m drawn to mascaras that offer a natural finish rather than a thick or clunky look. This one fits the bill.

It lifts and elongates your lashes while picking up every little hair. It also doesn’t weigh your lashes down and is impactful enough to wear on its own (no need for three different brands!)

gucci blush review

Have you tried any Gucci Beauty products that you love? Let me know what I should try next by leaving a message in the comment section below!

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