Hunza G Swimwear Review: Is it Worth the Splurge?

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I’m so happy that swimsuit season is just around the corner! Warmer weather and sunnier days just put me in a better mood, and I’m sure you can relate.

With that being said, I know a lot of you are shopping for vacation wear and summer wardrobe staples right now. If you follow me on Instagram or if you’ve read the blog for a while, you likely know that Hunza G is my go-to brand for swimwear. Whether I’m heading out on a family getaway or I’m just lounging by the lake, you can safely bet that I’m doing so in a bikini or one-piece from Hunza G.

The brand has become highly popular in the last few years, with more and more women realizing that the hype around their swimwear actually rings true. However, their swimsuits do come with a higher price tag, and their one-size-fits-all approach can cause some confusion.

To help you figure out if the brand is right for you, I put together a quick Hunza G swimwear review. Below, I’m answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Hunza G sizing, swimsuit styles, and more.

Hunza G Swimwear Review

Watch Here: How to Style a Hunza G Swimsuit

Hunza G Swimwear Fit

When browsing through the Hunza G swimsuit options online, you’ll notice that they’re all available in one size. While it might seem silly to only have just one size option, the brand makes all of their suits out of fabric that they say is “designed to flex and sculpt to your body.” They also note that anyone size 2 to 12 can comfortably wear one of their bathing suits.

As of now, all of their swimwear is made with one of three options: Signature Crinkle, fine knit Prene, or ribbed Nile Fabric.

If you’re looking for something that supports your specific body type, whether you have a fuller bust or you just want more coverage, this fit guide is really helpful!

I know that not everyone is a fan of the one-size-fits-all approach, but I really love how these suits adapt to all body types and shapes with their super stretchy material. They also have a lot of different style options that you can choose from if you want to show a little more or a little less skin.

Another bonus for any mamas-to-be: Hunza G swimwear can be worn over a baby bump (as well as post-baby) since the material will stretch as your body changes. And don’t worry about it returning to it’s original shape afterwards—the fabric will take care of that!

Where to Buy Hunza G Swimsuits

I have come across Hunza G swimwear in some smaller boutiques, but you can also source them from:



Saks Fifth Avenue


Everything But Water

hunza g swimsuit bikini in pink

The Best Hunza G Swimsuits

It feels nearly impossible to choose a few favorites from this brand, but I know it can be helpful to read about why someone loves a particular item. These are the two swimsuits I wear the most and would highly recommend starting out with if you’re new to the brand!

Square Neck One Piece

You simply can’t go wrong with a basic one piece swimsuit. This pick has such a classic cut (the square neck design is so cute) and it comes in white, pink, purple, and a rich chocolate brown color. I’d suggest this suit if you want something that holds you in and provides more support. Plus, it sits so nicely on your body and is super flattering.

Another perk to this swimsuit is that you can easily throw on a pair of shorts or pants and go out and about after being on the beach. Since the top portion has such a nice design, it could almost pass as a bodysuit!

Jean Bikini Set

I’m obsessed with the pop of color this bikini brings! It looks so chic when paired with white linen pants and a straw hat (the ultimate beach vacation uniform.)

As far as the fit goes, I appreciate that even though it’s a strapless top, it doesn’t slip down throughout the day. Also, these bottoms are on the more cheeky side but you can adjust them a bit if you want a tad more coverage. For an overall higher coverage bikini option, try the Ruby Bikini Set.

I love that Hunza G’s swimsuits come in so many color options (some suits are even available in striped patterns and shimmery designs!) This makes them fun to style whether you’re a neutral girlie or you want something that makes a bit more of a statement.

Hunza G One Piece Swimsuits

Brooke One Piece

hunza g brooke one piece

Domino One Piece

hunza g domino one piece

Nancy One Piece

hunza g nancy one piece

Pamela One Piece

hunza g pamela one piece
hunza g white one piece swimsuit

Hunza G Bikinis

Gigi Bikini Set

hunza g gigi bikini

Juno Bikini

hunza g juno bikini

Hallie Bikini

hunza g hallie bikini

Xandra Bikini Set

hunza g xandra bikini

Ruby Bikini Set

hunza g ruby bikini

Are Hunza G Swimsuits See Through?

After looking at some of the lighter color swimsuit options that Hunza G offers, you might think that they could be a bit…see through. While I don’t have that issues with the white one piece, I could see why some people feel it’s a bit more sheer. Keep in mind that the more the suit stretches out, the more sheer it will be.

If you’re worried about one of the swimsuits (whether it’s a one or two-piece) showing too much, I would just suggest going with a darker colored option. But all in all, I still wouldn’t say that the white swimsuits are “see through.” If anything, they could just be a bit more sheer.

hunza g pink bikini

Are Hunza G Swimsuits Worth It?

If you’ve read this full review then you know what my answer is, but yes! In my opinion, Hunza G swimsuits are totally worth the splurge. It’s hard to understand exactly how luxe the fabric is until you feel it with your own hands and try the swimsuits on, but trust that you’ll be getting something quality that will last you for years.

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