The Best Swim Cover Ups, Whether You’re Headed to the Pool or the Beach

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Okay, okay, I know we’re still in the thick of winter, but I also know I’m not the only one who is dreaming of warmer, sunnier weather. During the summer months, you can expect me to be living in a swimsuit. While it can definitely be tough to find a bathing suit that fits well, sometimes finding a good swim cover up can be just as difficult.

There are so many different cover up styles to choose from, and they’re all flattering in different ways. It can also be a challenge to figure out what to wear with a swim cover up so that you feel more styled and “ready” for whatever the day holds.

Whether you’re planning a beach vacation for the spring or you’re simply shopping for the brighter days ahead, I’m sharing the best swim cover ups for women below. I’ve included pant cover ups, sarong cover ups, skirt cover ups, and dress cover ups—there truly is a good option for everyone!

Without further ado, here are the best of swim cover ups for the warm-weather season and beyond.

The Best Swim Cover Ups

best swim cover ups for women

Swim Cover Up Outfit Ideas

Oversized White Button-Up

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while and following me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with a good white button-up. You really can wear a white button-up for any season or any occasion, since it’s so easy to dress up or down.

As a swimsuit cover up, I’d recommend grabbing a button-up in a bigger size and wearing it open with a cute suit underneath. It offers a timeless look and is perfect for the beach, pool, lake, or any day spent by the water.

Style it with an oversized straw hat, some tan sandals (these are only $40) and of course a beach bag.

white button down cover up shirt

Sheer Skirt

For the days when you’re headed straight to the water, a sheer skirt is a good go-to—no top necessary! Sheer skirts are lightweight and so easy to throw on if you’re in a rush. Also, they’re ideal for a vacation by the water since they take up virtually zero space in your luggage.

There are so many different styles to choose from, like this short sarong skirt or the longer skirt that I’m wearing in the photo above. You can’t go wrong with any style!

tan swim cover up skirt

Crochet Mini Dress

After spending a day by the water there’s nothing better than strolling by some shops or grabbing an early dinner outside. When there isn’t time to freshen up afterward, a crochet mini dress cover up can come in handy.

Mini dress cover ups typically have more coverage and look the most like a regular outfit, making them easy to go from lounging by the water to a night out. They’re also a great option for the days when it’s extra hot because of their lightweight fabric and design. If you get a little chilly, just swap this one out for a cover up with long sleeves, like this one!

As far as the final details go, opt for a straw bucket bag (I’m totally obsessed with this one) to tie the look together. Straw-style bags can create a more polished vibe than a basic beach tote.

Oh, and adding accessories, like this pearl embellished headband and a pair of sunglasses can also make a big impact in your overall look.

white swim cover up mini dress

More Swim Cover Ups

Investing in a few different neutral cover up styles will have you covered summer after summer. Make sure to let us know which style you love the most in the comments below!

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