Macy’s Spring Fashion Show

Hello guys, I hope lots of you are checking this post out today.

On Saturday, I hosted Macy’s Spring Fashion Show and needless to say I was a bit nervous (just a bit…hahahaha! Lying.) but I managed to pull it off and it was an amazing experience. Hopefully the first of lots more to come. I loved meeting some of you at the event, and thanks for all the nice messages of those who couldn’t make it there!

Here’s a collective of all the great looks styled by Danielle Smith, the CEO of Fresh Fettle Fashion Events and Creative Consulting.  Also the trend setting On-Air Fashion Contributor for Fox 59 Morning News in Indianapolis.

Meet the Models:

September in a Jessica Simpson Floral Dress
Erica in Free People lace dress
Ayanna in Layered Betsey Johnson flower Neckalaces
Stephanie in a floral Tunic and white shorts

The show was a success. The looks were right on target, wearable, affordable, and beautifully put together. Lots of inspiration for day, night, beach and even work. I must emphasize the professionalism of everyone working at this event. Awesome music, hors d’oeuvre, and people. Thank you for making this rookie feel so welcomed.

Here’s a couple shots of the show models along with me before and after the show.

The Models before the show
The Models before the show


And finally a few shots of some of my dearest friends and avid supporters who made it to the show (I failed to take pictures with all of them but I’m so thankful you guys came, even late it made me so happy!).

I can’t finish this post without sending a big thanks to Traci King. She found me, and believed I could do a great job even though I’ve never done this before. Your words meant a lot to me and gave me lots of confidence.  Thank you Traci, I hope to work with you again very soon.

So guys, this would be a gigantic post if I added the outfit pics and the vlog, instead they will be uploaded throughout this week, come back tomorrow for more 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 AM


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  1. I just set the lingerie side of Victoria’s Secret last night for the release of our newest Spring collection. The color scheme was mostly tangerine and turquoise with hints of green and gray. Pops of flower and lace prevailed throughout most of the prints. Looking around the rooms at the finished product, I felt fresh and inspired. The new Macy’s line also did that for my eye. This line of clothing seems to be for women who believe in re-birth and changing their communities and the world. I’m so proud to see such a strong woman like you hosting such a powerful line of clothing! Keep up the amazing work! Xoxo

    • Oh Erin, I’m so inspired by your words! Gosh you sound like a grown up, not my little nice anymore. I share the same pride for you as well, thank you so very much for taking the time to share your fabulous thoughts here with me 🙂 I love you!