Miami Series: Wynwood Walls

One of the oh-so-talked-about places you must visit while in Miami is the hip and cool artsy neighboorhood Wynwood Art District. “The Wynwood Walls has brought the world’s greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami.” Very impressive and the feel of coolness lingers in the air….hip little shops, cafés and boutiques made our morning that much more intellectually fun!

Wyndwalls 1 Wyndwoodwalls3 Wyndwoodwalls9 Wyndwoodwalls8 Wyndwoodwalls7 Wyndwoodwalls6 Wyndwoodwalls5 Wyndwoodwalls4 Wyndwoodwalls2

One wall is cooler than the other, and they all tell a story…

Wyndwoodwalls11 Wyndwoodwalls10

Inside there’s all kinds of message boards and Warhol art. Such cool work everywhere you look and for all tastes!!


A very inviting little comic café stands at the entrance but we chose to have our Sunday Brunch at the Wynwood Diner!

Wyndwoodwalls14 Wyndwoodwalls15

YUM!!!! For more info check out Wynwood Walls, it’s free and pretty awesome!


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