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Hey friends! With all of the traveling I’ve been doing lately, I decided I would put together my best travel tips for you! I know going on a trip is so fun and exciting, but getting ready to leave can actually be pretty stressful. There seems to be so much to do! Whether you’re planning a trip or leaving for vacation in a few weeks, here are my top tips when it comes to traveling.

Get a travel credit card

My first tip (if you already are a credit card user) is that you should get a credit card with your favorite airline or one that gives you travel benefits. I LOVE my miles and update program from my Delta Amex, I always get a seat upgrade, access to VIP lounges, free checked luggage, and even discounted hotel stays. If you already like to use a credit card, this is the best way to accumulate miles and get perks (and please pay off your statements, because if you don’t the travel benefits are just an illusion).

Plan your outfits in advance

Plan your outfits by the day to avoid packing too much extra stuff. It’s also nice for when you’re on vacation since you don’t have to stress about what you’re wearing every day. I usually use these packing cubes (they truly do help) and I add a jacket or blazer that would go with multiple outfits in case the weather changes. I also use this portable luggage scale to make sure my luggage isn’t over the weight limit! Nothing worse than having to pay for oversized luggage. I have a ton of travel hacks products on my Amazon Storefront, check them out here. Trust me, these are essential when traveling. 

What to pack for a weekend getaway

What to pack for a beach vacation 

I have a ton of other travel tips and packing videos on my Youtube channel, check them out here!

Wear something comfortable

Making sure your airport outfit is comfy is a must! Here are some of my favorite airport ‘fits. 

Karina wears Varley matching set for travel
karina wears lululemon neutral align leggins with amazon sweater
karina wears anine bing matching grey sweat set
Karina wears tan amtching sweater set with YSL bag
Karina wears abercrombie cargo sweatpant and abercrombie sweatshirt
Karina wears Varley sweatshirt with relaxed fit jeans
Karina wears Calvin Klein matching grey sweatpant and sweatshirt

Carry-on, always!

Lastly, ALWAYS pack a carry-on with travel-size beauty products and an extra set of clothing, a blanket, and socks. Planes get freezing during longer flights and you’ll be happy you have something extra to keep you warm. Also, the odds of not making a connection or having a flight canceled are real and you’ll be happy to have extra clothing for a shower and other goodies to make you feel better. There’s also the possibility of lost luggage (I’ve been there too!) and you don’t want to be left with yucky airplane clothing for days or have to shop for things you don’t even want while you wait for your suitcase!

Let me know what other tips you’d like to see from me in the comments or send me a DM! Happy travels! xo



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