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I grew up wearing O Boticário, an iconic Brazilian beauty brand that has millions of fans in Brazil. I’m not exaggerating. O Boticário has over 4,000 stores in Brazil and other 13 countries. As the largest cosmetic franchise in the world producing 300 million units per year.

As summer comes to an end our skin is left thirsty and ready to be renewed for the new season!

That’s why there’s no better time to partner with this extra-special brand that has been a part of my life since my young age living in Brazil. I’d like to introduce them to you guys today! Allow me to start with some important info.


Karina Style Diaries talks sustainable beauty from O Boticário and Nativa Spa body oils and moirturizers lake life

O Boticário is committed to making it’s portfolio more sustainable and vegan each day, using green and recycled plastic in their packaging, creating vegan products, and using a production process that saves energy and allows for a sustainable chain to take place.


As advocates to cruelty-free testing for almost 20 years, they’re pioneers in creating alternatives to non-animal testing such as innovative 3D skin and organs on a chip that simulates human organs. They even have a Cruelty Free certificate!

I’m all about supporting companies that take responsibility and are committed to reducing the impact and creating positive outcomes in our world. 

O boticario sustainable beauty products body moisturizers

Nativa Spa is part of the O Boticário’s brand and a best-seller in Brazil and worldwide. One unit per second is purchased. And that’s because they’re AMAZING!

Made with pure quinoa extract the fragrances are long-lasting, the body oils and moisturizers increase the production of elastin up to 3x and tests suggest up to 70% increase in the production of collagen on the skin.

Moisturizers, Oils, Exfoliators

With 13 fragrance families that represent typical fruits from Brazil and worldwide such as ameixa (plum), açaí, pitaya and lychee amongst others you’re sure to find a smell that awakens your senses. My favorites are the Caviar and the Quinoa & Argan oils as well as Madagascar’s Vanilla exfoliator and moisturizer.

Brazilian moisturizers are lightweight by nature due to our tropical climate. I love that you can layer the oil and moisturizer for drier places up north or chose one or the other for warmer places like down south or the beach.

O boticario sustainable beauty products body oils

The products are packaged in a simple way and make for such a special gift for your friends and family! The price point is incredible, one bottle of body oil retails for $23

Including Nativa Spa from O Boticário in your beauty routine is as simple as including the oils in your shower or bath for an explosion of aromatherapy. Finish it with the moisturizer of your choice to keep your skin in check during the cold and warm seasons.

Only a brand that is committed to the environment has its own foundation for nature protection, the Boticário Group Foundation, created almost 30 years ago, which protects the equivalent to 11,000 football fields with its two nature reserves and reverse 1% of their liquid revenue to this purpose every year!

*This post was sponsored by O Boticário. Opinions are mine and honest, coming from research and usage of the products.  #oboticariousa #crueltyfree #buyonline



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