Philipe’s Day Spa Review + “Get Ready with Me” Video

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A couple weeks ago I was treated to a Spa afternoon at Philipe’s Day Spa & Cosmetique here in Indy. I got lots of pampering and age reversing treatments! Say what?! Yeah girl I know I got your attention!!! I happened to take a few shots of my face after my facial and posted one as my “before” shot on a makeup video. That got lots of people complimenting my skin. Well I do take care of it, even my esthetician Lauren said so!! But it has NEVER, EVER looked this good…after a certain age!

The “before” was taken at the evening I had my facial done.

Ok first things first. I was scheduled to do a “Time Reversing” spa package that includes a Body Toning Treatment; Anti-Ageing facial and Paraffin Hand Dip. This was a two and a half hour long treatment. I was greated with a warm smile and throughout my entire time at the spa I felt like a queen – and I must say that was the treatment I saw happening with all the ladies there. The receptionist walked me to the restroom where I changed to a robe and put my things away in a locker. My facial was first and Lauren met me at this quiet room with a glass of infused orange water, also offereing some wine (and I passed, shocker! Haha I just wanted a full detox experience!!). I layed in this warm bed and she worked on my face so lightly and relaxing I could’ve fallen asleep except I was too curious to know everything that was going on…here’s the lay out of what an anti-ageing facial looks like at the Pure Beauty Salons and Spas:

She sent me home with a little cup of this gel moisturizer that feels like haven and smells so fresh, it’s in my wish list for when my moiturizers are gone! She also recommended me a .5 Retinol by Skin Ceuticals every three other days for my dark spots, fine lines and minor age signs. I’ve been following her directions religiously and am really loving my bare face lately. Honestly it’s been a while since I felt 100% comfortable in my own skin without anything on, so cheers to that!

Next was my body toning treatment in which she used all Skin Ceuticals treatments. This is part of a holistic treatment to flush out toxins from our body. My therapist used a soft bristle brush to optimize circulation throughtout my body. It was extremely relaxing although you won’t see instant results, it’s a fun detoxing treatment!!

My overall experience at Philipe’s was very positive and I feel like it would be wonderful to go back w a group of girlfriends!! I’ll definitely get another Vitamin C facial soon 🙂

If you are planning a visit make sure to mention a discount coupon created just for my readers/followers: ‘KARINATIME” will get you $15 off any purchase of products when you book a facial.

And to finish this beauty post we had to have a video so even though you might have seen this already on my YouTube Channel (this post was supposed to be up last week but I ran into technical difficulties!)

I hope this post was informative and you are more than welcomed to contact myself or Lauren (the esthetician who worked with me). This post was sponsored by Pure Beauty Salons and all opnions are honest and solely mine.



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