Scallops & Ruffles

Back from Chitown and getting back in the blogging groove! We got soooo many beautiful shots I can’t wait to share with you guys!! And despite the wind we manage to shoot this one shoulder frill dress that’s been hanging in my closet for waaaay too long!

I have to admit the hem was too long for my height so I had to knot the skirt and pull a little creativity to make this baby work! I’ll be shortening the dress so I can wear more often because these ruffles and scallops definitely have my heart!

Like I mentioned on instagram this shot was done with the iphone 7 and my oh my!!! There’s definitely some killing photos that can be done with this little machine, must have for the avid photographers/bloggers!

Also, stay tuned for a Holly & Tanager giveaway coming up next week!! I’m so excited to share with you guys my love for their PRO bag and leather goods! As always I thank you for your support, so happy to hear you guys enjoyed the stories in Chicago, it’s not everyday we have such a fun city to hang out at!!