Simplicity Holistic Health + 3 Day Cleanse

I’ve noticed my 3 day cleanse was generating some curiosity on instagram so here we go, I’ll tell you all about it! But first things first. I was introduced to Simplicity HH while working at Saks Fifth Avenue (they sell them at the Indy store, FYI). We had a tasting event along with a full introduction of the company by its owner Beth McCarthy Smith (the most cheery, energetic, joyful, positive and passionate person I’ve ever met, really!) and instantly felt in love with her story, her message and her desire for a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention the taste of the juices which are cold pressed to retain all the vitamins and antioxidants of the fruits and vegetables. Simplicity HH works with local farmers to support our community and all the juices are “Prayed upon & made with ♥︎” – how cool is that? Here’s a glimpse of how Simplicity started and what the company is about:


It all starts at the cellular level.

And that’s exactly what Simplicity Cold Pressed Juices offer you. They feed your core.

Each Simplicity Cold Pressed Juice is made with the nutrients and dense nutrition that fills you up, without weighing you down. They are the nutrition boost our bodies need: Packed with live, whole ingredients, filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

It’s an instant health-hit to the bloodstream while resting the digestive system…and it’s delicious!  

Simplicity makes all of their cold pressed juices like a bartender crafts a cocktail.  And while their drinks are alcohol-free, they still may leave you intoxicated with delicious flavor, powerful enzymes, and amino acids… helping you rebuild & recharge.
So don’t be shy, order another round!

Simplicity isn’t a ‘diet,’ or the latest fad, or a magic pill.
It’s an approach that’s sophisticated in its simplicity:


About my 3 day cleanse: 

I decided to do the cleanse on labor day weekend because it would be easier if my family was away. I got 12 juices, 3 salads/pates, 2 bags of flaxseed crackers and 3 betty bars (like a protein bar only better). That was more than enough and I had leftovers.


The following was how I did my cleanse. I added a couple of items but the cleanse food alone is more than enough for the three days. They recommend for you to juice and for you to reach for a solid food only when hungry. No rules though, just a recommendation. I wasn’t looking for a deep cleanse and added “good for you” and clean foods I usually eat anyway!

Side note 1:  I must say I’ve tried different diets after kids and with my experience waiting to go hungry would make me eat the walls once I reached for food. That being said, after years of eating pretty healthy (for most part) I’ll stick with eating my meals even if I’m not starving. I’ll just eat less but eat something. That prevents the dinosaur that lives inside of me from coming out at night…that’s usually when it likes to show up!!

Day 1:

Weighed myself in the morning: 112 lbs. (I was not trying to lose weight, just detox/cleanse my body. Simplicity has different cleanses for different purposes!)

Breakfast: I had the Life Elixir (which is like a complete meal + my all time favorite), plus 2 Alfresco organic pasture raised eggs from Vital Farms topped with a teaspoon of organic Chia Seeds and a pinch of Tumeric (click on links for benefits on these superfoods).

Lunch: Green Machine juice and snacked on the flaxseed crackers along with a HOPE jalapeño and cilantro organic hummus ( I also added the hummus).

Snack: Green Machine and a bite of the betty bar.

Dinner: Un-raw tuna salad (comes in the cleanse)

Midnight snack: Air popped popcorn w tabasco and a pinch of parmesan cheese for flavor. “Air-popped popcorn contains only 31 calories per cup. A cup of popcorn also contains 1.2 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of fat. While popcorn contains only small amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A, it has high levels of antioxidants. In March 2012, researchers from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania presented data at the 243rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in San Diego showing that popcorn contains higher levels of antioxidant polyphenols than other whole-grain foods, fruits or vegetables. Also, popcorn is a 100 percent unprocessed whole grain, unlike whole-grain breads or cereals that have been partially processed.”- Healthy Eating


At the end of the day I felt great, not hungry at all.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Same as day 1

Lunch: Sunny Pate + UpBeet juice.

Snack: I had a few pieces of the betty bar (the same one I opened yesterday, they are big!) and Watermelon Momma juice. At around 4pm I felt so sick to my stomach, had a MAJOR headache…I was at work and waited till I left around 5pm. Once I got home I vomited, took an Advil because my headache was really bad – and slept for 2 hours. I felt fine afterwards and woke up hungry.

*I found out through research that it is normal to feel sick during a cleanse. My body was detoxing from the caffeine addiction therefore major headache. Some discoveries I’ve made: I’m a coffee addict and didn’t know, I drink about 2 cups of coffee in the morning and will have a green tea latte or café latte for “afternoon snack” I know, not ideal. I was shocked at how much my body withdrew from not having any caffeine.

Dinner: Air popped popcorn and Fresh Air Juice (I love the ginger in it and it felt really soothing in my belly).

Day 3:

Breakfast: same as day 1

Lunch: raw un-tuna salad with grapes (comes with the cleanse) and upBeet juice.

Snack:  flaxseed crackers and hummus and Green Heaven juice.

Dinner: air popped popcorn and The Wheatini. I had popcorn because I wasn’t hungry at all and in case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE popcorn!! Hehehe

Final weight: 110lbs I ended up loosing a little water weight or whatever that was. Ever since I did the cleanse over a month ago I’m still with my final weight. I believe this is a good way to get rid of those last few pounds stuck in our waist, ya know what I mean 😜! A way to re-charge our bodies and start all over again with good thoughts and good foods.

Simplicity Juices are available in some Kroger and Marsh stores as well as Saks Fifth Avenue Indy. You can also order online!

A few practices I use on my daily basis; I’ve learned long ago that breakfast is REALLY the most important meal, one that will impact the rest of you day so give it a good start. I usually eat either a half of a cinnamon raisin bagel (trader joe’s brand has very few ingredients) – The fewer the ingredients, the less processed that food is – Or a slice of french bread, Or a slice of Ezequiel cinnamon raising bread toasted with butter, real butter peeps, don’t fall for the margarine crap. More about butter vs. margarine. Unless you were told to eat that by your healthcare provider . But hey I’m not a doc, just a foodie 😉 and I’m all for natural stuff rather than man-made stuff. That’s pretty much what my diet consists.

Foods I always have handy:

Fruits; veggies (raw and frozen – I always pay attention to what’s in the package on the frozen though); olives, deli meats, fresh cheeses (white or light colored ones are healthier); almond butter; fruit spread; salad, apple cider vinegar, pink salt, unrefined organic olive oil and coconut oil, quinoa and beans. We love salmon and cod here at home. I always have chicken breast ready to be cooked and once a week we’ll have red meat. Lots of chilli coming the cold temps!!

Now, I’m all for eating a cookie/ice cream/ or whatever else satisfies your little selfie! Just choose to eat those items as a treat (once or twice a week) or pick “homemade” ones with real ingredients over industrial packaged goods. Also I don’t buy them often so if I don’t see it…Side note: read labels, I can’t tell you how much that changed my life years ago. It’s amazing how something that actually seems the same from the outside can make a HUGE difference in your diet. Stay away from things you don’t recognize. And chose fewer ingredients over a ton. Learn the nicknames for sugar ( as in corn sweetener, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrates, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, invert sugar, lactose, maltose, malt syrup, raw sugar, sucrose, sugar syrup, cane crystals, cane sugar, crystalline fructose, evaporated cane juice, corn syrup solids, malt syrup). If you are eating sugar go for real sugar, cane sugar, agave and honey instead of the lab made crap 😬

I have to add another side note: eating right is a learned process, I had to really have to re-educate my palate. You know you conquered that when that candy bar you used to love doesn’t seem that appealing anymore!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was informative enough. Trust me I could write for days (in fact I just did) but I don’t want for this to become something other than the cleanse post! If you have any questions at all feel free to leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by ♥︎

*I was gifted this cleanse and decided to do a post because of the interest in my stories while I was going through it. Opinions and solely mine.

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