What I Packed for My Trip to Brazil

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Bom dia, friends!! I’m writing to you from Brazil and I am so excited to be here! We booked a last minute trip to spend some time with family and get out of the cold for the holidays. It sounds like a lot of your are planning on a beach vacation soon too so I thought I would share some of the things I packed! I have everything from beach essentials, to casual outfits, to going out looks, and everything in between. We’ll be here for Christmas so I’m sharing my tropical holiday look too! I hope you guys enjoy!

Day & Night Looks


Karina wears amazon brown ribbed mini dress
Karina wears amazon brown ribbed mini dress


Karina wears amazon brown ribbed mini dress

More Vacation Looks

Be sure to follow along on IG this week to see these outfits in action! Let me know if you want a try on for any specific items!



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