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Parker Smith Jeans & Broad Ripple Hangouts

Lack of color tan hat and cult gaia bag

Did I tell you about my latest denim obsession? Parker Smith Jeans it is. And to light up our gloomy winter days, I decided to take you around the hip Broad Ripple area in Indy to show you my favorite hangout spots while wearing my favorite Parker Smith Jeans! First stop The Garden Table. They have a gorgeous location downtown but I also love this smaller, more rustic version in BR. It's just as popping with a cool crowd! If you love fresh produce, health-conscious and delish gourmet brunch foods you'll definitely love this place. Not to mention some of the best cold-pressed juices in town! I'm all for their avocado toast with topped with an egg and the Hoosier Heater juice is my all-time favorite!! All Photos Credit to Amber Bryant from Images By…

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Ironworks Hotel Indy – Preview it Through My Eyes

Pajama set karina style diaries

Hubs and I celebrated Christmas together a couple days earlier last month. We were gifted a "staycation" and had a remarkable stay at the Ironworks Hotel Indy, complete with a delicious date at the town's talk Provision Restaurant and brunch at the yummiest Rize Restaurant. It was such a nice escape from the craziness of the season and we were beyond impressed with the whole experience. Sometimes all we need is a night out to re-connect with our spouse and talk to each other and not about the kids!! I 100% recommend it :) Let me just tell you how beautiful this place looks even from the outside. It's so unique, like nothing I've ever seen. A combination of modern industrial atmosphere with refined touches of luxury, leathers and rustic woods. Upon entering the hotel we…


Olly Girl Multivitamins – Part II

Bella and Sophia horse Olly Girl campaign

*This post is a part of a sponsored campaign with Olly Girl. As always all opinions are my honest and own experience. Thanks for supporting the brands that support me. Since the girls have been taking their Olly Girl vitamins for over a month I wanted to circle back and tell you some of the things we noticed in their daily lives. As a refresher (or if you didn't catch our first post) Olly Girl is a multivitamin gummy especially designed with the needs of growing ladies ages 12-17 in mind. Their multivitamin is formulated with Biotin to target strong hair, skin and nails. It contains vitamin C which plays a role in collagen production (something I know they'll thank me later in their lives). It supports bone health and keeps their immune systems in check. Besides…

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KeraHealth France Review

KeraHealth Hair supplement with kercysteine - Karina Style Diaires

You guys know I'm all about healthy choices when it comes to food (although I have been making some shameful choices lately - must confess!!) such choices affect not only the health of our bodies but our hair, skin and nails as well. Like that saying goes "You are what you eat" I believe it 100% . Now some exceptions to this rule are genetics and diseases that are not necessarily related to eating habits, other than that we all need to get our acts together and make better choices! On the other hand though we can simplify the quest for healthy hair with a supplement that will deliver the nutritional components our hair needs the most right into its root! Quite literally :) I'm talking about the newest launch in the health and…


Olly Girl & Busy Mom!

*This post is sponsored by Olly Girl. Being a mom in today's world is no easy task. We want to "have a life" of our own, some of us have jobs, we take kids to sport practices and events, we cook, we clean, we go grocery shopping and finally we want to feed our kiddos nothing but the best. Man, it's intense!! Finding my girls the right multi-vitamin takes a bit of the pressure off. And that's where Olly Girl came into our lives. Olly Girl is a multi-vitamin made especially for girls 12-17 with their busy and energetic lives in mind. Bella is my oldest daughter. She's a swimmer and just finished playing volleyball for the school team. She loves to read and she has officially entered the teenager years (Lord Help Me!).…

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NYFW – All You Need to Know to Plan Your Trip!

Hey boys and gals the day I'll be sharing my adventures in NYC has finally arrived! When some of our wildest dreams come true we can't help but burst with excitement, and that's exactly how I feel these days. Going to NYFW has been in my bucket list ever since I knew what that was. Long before blogging was even a thing. I said that on insta and I'll repeat: 9.7.2017 was my day! ( 7 and 9 are my lucky numbers, what a trip!). This post is meant to be more informative. I want to provide you with as many tips and details as I can so you can save time when planning your trip or at least see the amount of work it goes into doing this and decide whether it's worth…


Palomino: Rustic European Cusine

I love a good dinner out, but then again who doesn't? Needless to say I'm always thrilled when I can partner with local places to feature their dinning menu on the blog (truly is my favorite part of blogging besides styling, yeah I'm a total foodie at heart!). Now truth be told if it was up to Brain that's what I would be blogging about, delicious food and charming restaurants!! Well what's best is when we can combine work with pleasure and call our dinner out an actual date! Last Friday we went to Palomino an upscale italian chain that serves heavenly thin-crust pizzas and other enticing Italiano style dishes!! Palomino is located in the heart of downtown Indy in a busy corner. They have such an authentic feel and a lovely setting, one that makes…


My Fitness Plan & Two Month Results

Ya know this was coming and I hope you're as excited to read as I was to write it! 😉 For those of you who have been following my stories already know I started a fitness program with a certified coach - befitwithwellington.com - back in June and was reporting my struggles at the gym as well as lots of meal ideas. Now I'm putting it all together so grab yourself a glass of kombutcha and let's get this party started!!! It all started back in June when I decided I wanted a better body. Healthier and stronger. I mean there was nothing wrong with my old body except things were getting softer by the year, a little extra meat here and there and I thought, gosh I already eat healthy for most part so…

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4th of July Summer Vibes with Vineyard Vines Indy

Last week we partnered with Vineyard Vines Indy to style a photo shoot with a mommy and me approach. To be honest I was expecting to have to beg my two youngsters to join in, but to my surprise they were super excited to do pics with a pro photographer! Hahaha yes, I guess they are fine as long as it's not mommy taking the pics....annoying for me but hey, I'll take it!! All photos credit to Kelly Brannon Photography And if you are looking for some good old fourth family inspo I hope you can find it here 🇺🇸 [show_shopthepost_widget id="2717590"] Sophia jumped into this collab with open arms....literally!! And she sure showed her inner diva! Haha Couldn't pick my fave! Sorry for the overload!! [show_shopthepost_widget id="2717616"] [show_shopthepost_widget id="2717614"] Confession: I'm dying with…

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Le Méridien Indianapolis

There are many beautiful hotels but this iconic boutique hotel exceeded all of our expectations. In the heart of Downtown Indy lays this gem of a place with tons of history behind the building. Let me start by saying I'm still in awe after our incredible stay at the Le Meridien Indianapolis. If you are not familiar with the Le Meridien brand, it was founded in Paris in 1972 and joined the Starwood portfolio in 2005. I can tell you it carries that European understated and contemporary luxury in every room you set foot in. They are known for their award-winning arrival experience and coffee culture featuring an espresso machine in every room and check in area. (bonus points for that!!) A bit of history: Le Meridien Indy debuted in 2014 after a major…

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