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Olly Girl Multivitamins – Part II

*This post is a part of a sponsored campaign with Olly Girl. As always all opinions are my honest and own experience. Thanks for supporting the brands that support me.

Since the girls have been taking their Olly Girl vitamins for over a month I wanted to circle back and tell you some of the things we noticed in their daily lives. As a refresher (or if you didn’t catch our first post) Olly Girl is a multivitamin gummy especially designed with the needs of growing ladies ages 12-17 in mind. Their multivitamin is formulated with Biotin to target strong hair, skin and nails. It contains vitamin C which plays a role in collagen production (something I know they’ll thank me later in their lives). It supports bone health and keeps their immune systems in check.

Besides all of the good vitamins, Olly Girl also supports energy production during a pivotal time for them as they transition to from childhood into young teens creating their own self-care routine and paying more attention to their health. As much as I care about our family’s eating habits I would be lying if I said we eat perfectly everyday. In fact I cook dinner from monday to friday and on weekends I let them make their own choices. Sophia will be the one who makes a salad ( and seasons it with her own italian dressing made from scratch), she will also chooses a protein whether cottage cheese or chicken breast. Even though she mainly goes for the good stuff she will occasionally follow her sister’s Bella poorer choices such as cakes, chocolate and PB&J sandwiches. At home we all love chips and popcorn and even though I don’t consider them junk they do lack a lot of nutrients we need.

That’s why I believe a multivitamin will reassure us they’re getting what they needs even though they make poor choices in a given day. Regardless of choices (that’s something that will be taught at home!) they are growing to be young strong ladies and I’m confident I’m supporting their healthy habits with all the resources available to me.  And while we wait for swim season to come around they’ve been keeping busy playing outdoors!

Phazazz and the girls

This past week we got to visit a horse Barn in the neighborhood and oh did we have fun with Phazazz, this gorgeous Arabian Horse! Girls got to pet him, take him for a walk and pose alongside him.

Arabian horse shoot and olly girl multivitamin

Olly girl multivitamin

Since starting them on Olly Girl I’ve noticed their hair is looking and feeling stronger. Just yesterday my oldest daughter Bella was telling me how long her nails are getting (in the most tasteful way guys, none of that long nail adult look) and that’s huge considering she used to bite them. She even got a little nail polish action going :). Their energy is even throughout the day and since I have them snacking here and there we avoid the afternoon crashes in a natural way. Our overall experience with Olly has been great as a source of optimal nutrients.

Olly Girls Multivitamin

I love this article about the importance of taking a daily multivitamin for teenagers, feel free to read on and get to know some facts 🙂

And that’s all for today my friends! I hope you are enjoying the busy season and keeping it healthy!

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