Photoshoot Series: Vail – an Experience (Solaris)

Change of outfit and a few shots at Blitz boutique, where I used to work and where I was doing my changes of clothing with the girls, we head to the Solaris building, a newer luxurious lodge with hotel amenities in town where it hosts a series of art galleries, the highly rated Japanese restaurant in town the Matsuhisa, beautiful and extravagant boutiques, our favorite coffee shop the Yetis (which is the same vibe and friendliness from the employees as a Trader Joe’s here, so you can compare) and an ice skating ring. Rent a residence at the Solaris “for $785-$7,000 per night. The restaurants are usually fullβ€”you need to book reservations at Matsuhisa a month in advanceβ€”gradually shifting the dining and partying scene from Bridge Street (the area of Vail Village where most of the bars and restaurants are located) to Solaris, a five-minute walk west.”

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Blitz has been around in the Village for 7 years and it’s owners Barbara and Peter along with their manager Stephanie are one of the greatest people I have ever worked for.
Check out their webpage:

People LOVE the decorations in the store, their fireplace is welcoming and inviting for the guys to seat by the fire while their women shop!

Blitz Vail

As we head down the street we hit the Solaris building.

A gardening company was working on the landscape that day and so I just joined in πŸ˜‰ hehehe

This lighting structure (have no idea how to call it, hehehe) lights up at night and changes colors throughout the night, just magical!

It also serves as a hang out spot, and people watching. Right by the skating ring you can just sit an watch the ones skating.

On the north side of the ring sits the locals and the tourists favorite coffee shop. Yetis has a great vibe, healthier and gourmet options. They do art on the coffee and people alwyas have a smile on their faces! Great place to hang out as well.


Their great cupcakes are famous around there.

A special heart latte was made for our shoot πŸ˜‰ Thank you guys!!!

Right outside sits this “delivery bike” which doesn’t deliver it is just part of the decor πŸ™‚

Solaris also has a Cine Bistro, which was a new concept movie theater to me. They serve gourmet food, dinner or snacks and drinks, including pitchers (to last throughout the movie). and a fuller size table, awesome experience.

outside cine bistro
upper level of the solaris building
Hang out place with a fire place
Golden peak views on the back
Heading back to Blitz!

All picture credit: Cindy Gonzalez

Outfit #2: Sunglasses Dior (available at Blitz); pink cardi J.Crew, ankle pant H&M, shoes Zara, Zahara bib necklace and all bracelets Stella and Dot.

I hope you are enjoying getting to know a bit of Vail with me as much as we enjoyed doing this!

One more post of the shoot along with the videos coming up to close the week and our Vail experience with a golden key πŸ˜‰



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