4 Summer Activities to do with the Fam

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Summer is officially here and we are so excited for all of the summer activities and traveling! There are so many family-friendly activities to do during the summer it’s hard to decide what to do that is simple yet fun! That’s why we put together summer activities to do with the fam to keep you busy during this sunshine-filled season and to give you a guide on some of our favorite things to do! 


We like traveling so we usually try to do at least one summer getaway with the whole fam. Lake Michigan is perfect for us because it’s a car ride away and it feels like the beach. We love New Buffalo, New Haven, and Saint Joseph area. I also love to take a day or two trip to Chicago (also a car ride away from us, about three hours). The city is gorgeous and pleasant to walk around in the summertime with lots to do and the best shopping there is! -Karina

We also love taking day trips to new and exciting places! A day trip to the beach is always so much fun; we spend the day at the beach, get lunch by the water, and finish the day off with sunset ice cream. Another fun day trip is driving up to the mountains for some hiking. We pack a lunch, hike the trails, take lots of beautiful photos, and spend the next day relaxing. Day trips are great when you don’t have a ton of time but want to experience somewhere new. We recommend looking up fun areas or cities only a 2-hour drive away and spend the day there!

Spending time at the lake (or any body of water)

Besides going out of town we love hanging around our lake. My son and hubs water ski so that’s a big part of their summer. I just sit and watch when I can! -Karina

We also love spending time at the beach or by the pool! Regardless of where you live, spending time by any body of water is so much fun and is relaxing. Grab a cute bathing suit, some sunblock, a good book, and you’re set!  If you don’t have any water near you, grab a beach chair and make your own little setup in the sunshine. 

Enjoying the simple things near home

Going out to eat in a restaurant that has outdoor tables is also a weekly thing for us as a family. We have to make the most of Indy’s summer since it doesn’t last all that long! -Karina

Another fun thing to do around home is taking a little shopping day. Grab an iced coffee or matcha and spend the day strolling the shops or the farmer’s market. Even if you’re not purchasing anything, it’s fun to window shop and enjoy where you live. 

Summer concerts

Concerts during the summer are always a good idea! Plan a fun night with a group of friends or your family and drive to the concert together. Regardless if you’re seeing a big artist or a small local band, hearing some live music and spending time with friends or family always brings in the summer vibes. 

Brian and I like to go to concerts and Jimmy Buffet is our summer staple (thanks to him! haha). -Karina

What summer activities are you excited to do this season? Share with us in the comments!

Xo, KSD Team

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