Werther’s Original Caramel comes to Carmel, IN

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I have to tell you that after soooo many years since having caramels tasting Werther’s Original took me back to my childhood. Man oh man what a sweet moment!!! I used to buy these in my school cafeteria mid-morning and that sugar rush would carry me through the rest of the school day. Anyone have a memory like this with caramel chewies?? Gluing them on the roof of the mouth type thing?! Hehehe I did this too!! 

So I’m happy to let you know I partnered with Werther’s Original, THE authority on all things caramel to bring you a fun day in the city. Werther’s Original, is igniting a national debate on National Caramel Day, April 5, and asking Americans whether they pronounce the sweet treat Ker-uh-muhl or Kar-muhl to end the debate once and for all – I pronounce Ker-uh-muhl but the rest of the fam pronounces it Kar-muhl….is it my Brazilian roots or what??

Oh and guess what? Carmel Mayor James Brainard will officially change the town’s name and pronunciation to Caramel (Ker-uh-muhl), Indiana for the Werther’s Original National Caramel Day celebration!

Caramel lovers in the Carmel, Indiana area will have the chance to celebrate National Caramel Day next Wednesday on April 5 with Werther’s Original and myself in the city’s Arts & Design District. The event will include fun and games, caramel treats and plenty of prizes, including one-year supply of Werther’s Original plus a Carmel, Indiana prize package for the person who guesses how many caramels are in a giant bowl that will be on display.

Werther’s Original Cocoa Crème Soft Caramels are the newest addition to the Werther’s family, and feature a rich, creamy chocolate filling wrapped in smooth soft Werther’s Original caramel. They are available in retailers nationwide in several varieties, from hard, chewy, soft and filled caramels, to sugar-free caramels and even caramel popcorn. I’m a HUGE fan of the hard candy, they melt in my month and that childhood taste I mentioned before lasts forever!!


And since this is indeed a fashion blog I couldn’t hide the deets of my spring stripy look from Make Me Chic! Hoping the weather will cooperate next Wednesday so we can all sport some cute spring ensembles while we chew on the caramels!!!

Ruffled louse by Makemechic


Back to Caramel in Carmel, I believe this would be a fun family event to take part on and since lots of kiddos will be on spring break they can take part in this sweet day! I’ll be there sometime between noon and 2pm, would love to meet you and discuss caramel with ya!!!! Can’t wait to see you next Wednesday, April 5th!

*This post was sponsored by Werther’s Original

Sweet beijos,


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  1. That’s Delicious my friend, I will try to attend. That’s is my Mother’s in law favorite Cararmel candy. Love the outfit !!!

    • Sounds good Maria! Would love to hang out amiga!! And yay for your mother-in-law caramel choice!!! These are amazing!!!!

    • I wish you could come by too amiga! But no worries, I’ll save some for u!!!! Beijosssss

  2. This sounds so yummy and fun! Thanks for sharing this deliciousness with us! I will do my best to participate with you guys!

    • It will be fun amiga! Thank YOU so much for trying to come by!! Beijocas nos meninos e uma enorme p vc!!!!