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I’m sure you’ve seen lots of options for at-home workouts out there, and just like a lot of my friends I want to be a source of inspo for you in this field and share what I have been doing and loving! On a side note my goal here to share not only accessible workouts but overall wellness and positivity, because there’s so much more to health than daily workouts friends!!!

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To access my weekly workouts make sure you’re following me on Instagram and check under my IGTV – Home Workouts section. I’m posting here all of the ones I have posted there along with my gym outfits. Hope you enjoy 🙂

What you might need:

30 Min Arm Workout with Light Weights

Karina Style Diaries wearing all black workout leggings black gym outfit

30 Min Full Body Power Strength

Karina Style Diaries at-home workout

Standing poses for Original Yoga 

6-minute arm workout with no equipment

tie dye leggings loungewear workout outfit

20 Min intense HIIT Workout


Youtube, it’s free and an extremely resourceful platform. Once you find a channel you like, subscribe and get their workouts on-demand for free! Amongst lots of favorites one that’s so worth the mention since I use weekly is Pamela Reif. They’re quick and to the point! NO BS!!

I use a lot of my Obé Fitness subscription as well. The workouts are fun, energetic, and really intense. You can choose from 10 min express, 28 min, or 42 min bonus ones. You can catch them live and do it together with the instructors ( they call out our names) or catch your favorite instructors on saved workouts!

I recently started Jazzcercising but haven’t filmed a full workout yet. If you want to try Jazzercise on-demand for yourself use code KSDVIP for 14 days free trial and $14.99/mo!

My local yoga studio and gym are offering zoom classes and you can check your locals as well and support your peeps!!

I hope this will give you a fun start!



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