Blowout for Maximum Volume

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Hi, ladies! A couple of weeks ago I posted a quick hair tutorial on how I blowout and style my hair for massive volume in my Instagram stories and added to my “Highlights” only to realize not everyone has access to the Highlights ( they are stories that are permanent on the Instagram profile, meaning you can access them all the time). Thanks to all the girls who were still asking questions even after s few weeks!

Because the whole tutorial was a hit I decided to give it a permanent home accessible to everyone here and on youtube! Feel free to shoot me questions if you still have some 🙂

All the products I use:

My favorite tools:

I got a lot of positive response when I posted this on insta, if you guys like this kind of content here on the blog please let me know. It helps me to understand what you’re looking for 🙂

Have an amazing week my loves!



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