How to Blowout Hair for Maximum Volume

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This has been one of my most requested tutorials as of late, so I thought I’d plug the “how to blowout hair for maximum volume” on the blog for further reference. I’ll be describing the method step-by-step and answering all of your questions here and via IG stories!

My hair is thick and unruly, very damaged but with lots of body and texture.

What I typically use:

For this blowout, I used the entire Genesis System from Kerastase and I’m super impressed.

This is the second day of my blowout: The ends are starting to flip outwards and it’s because of my previous haircut. I’m having a haircut in a few weeks and will do a blunt cut and get a couple of inches out.

Karina Style Diaries How to blowout hair for maximum volume


  1. How often do you wash your hair?

Once or twice a week, I try going for 5-6 days and keeping my hair up in a pony or knot when it starts to get dirty.

  1. Explain how you get so much volume on the top front.

The technique is to blowout the hair upwards as I show in the videos. Always pull it up instead of down.

  1. Would you 100% recommend your blow dryer? Why?

Yes, but I do understand it’s a major investment. To me, it’s lighter weight, less noisy, and uses less heat than my previous hair dryers (that were really nice too!) I use it A LOT so I can justify it. If you’re an occasional blowout/hair-drying gal it’s not worth it. 

  1. How do you keep your hair at night?

I honestly just sleep on it. I use silk pillowcases and change them every time I was my hair which is about once or twice a week. 

  1. What clips do you use to separate your hair?

I love the Kristin Ess ones. They have a great grip but don’t pull the hair like all the other plastic clips I own!

  1. How would I describe your haircut to a stylist?

It’s a long bob, blunt cut. I have long bangs now but dying for them to grow!

  1. Do you go over your blowout with a straightener?

Nope! If my hair is frizzy even after a blowout I just curl it with a curling iron.

  1. What are the products you shared specifically targeting? 

They target weakened hair prone to falling. It’s a fortifying line and many of the products have won awards. So far I love the results!

  1. Do you spray any finishing hairspray?

Only when I curl it but not on a blowout. When I do I use Oribe Fine Mist hair spray, love the smell and lightweight texture.

  1. What are your favorite products and why?

I love Kerastase and Shu Uemura hair shampoo + Masks. They’re just the best most hydrating products for my hair type. I love styling my hair with Oribe Straightaway serum, it gives my hair the perfect bounce and body while straightening sans frizz. For oils I love Kerastase and Shu Uemura. Olaplex is a great lightweight oil and pre-wash treatment for times when my hair is extra dry. 

  1. Did you put any heat on your hair after blow-drying? (curling iron included)

Not when I blow it out, but if I’m styling it afterward I use a curling iron. I don’t use straighteners on my hair, just doesn’t look good on me! 

  1. Where did you get your round brush?

THIS ONE from Sally Beauty, It’s linked!! I like the wooden ones, not as light as metal but better for hair. I don’t find it too heavy.

  1. How do you keep your blowout looking fresh? What products do you use?

I use silk pillowcases and scrunchies as well as a brunette dry shampoo (love Kristin Ess brunette) on the third or fourth day and beyond! Once the volume dies out I wear it in a bun or pony. 

  1. What do you use in Europe to blowout your hair (due to the 220v)? 

I use the hair drier from the hotel OR style hair on a low bun, but I’m taking a dual voltage curling Iron this time around since we’re staying longer than usual!

I hope this answered all of your questions! I’ll have a beach wave soon!!

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